Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼 (kattidya) wrote,
Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

- I have noticed that these days I have a very poor appetite, and I also don't get hungry at all. I guess my metabolism has slowed down, I don't know why. But it's not a good thing because I don't want to starve myself, and I don't want to deny myself of important nutrients.
I have been advised to take some sort of medicine that boosts my appetite, but to be honest, I don't feel like taking more and more medicine to every sort of a not- well- being, and besides, then it might get out of hand and my appetite won't be satisfied.
But fortunately I came up with a trick; usually when I eat a raw carrot, it makes my stomach feel empty because it's hard to digest. Then I get the feeling that I should fill my stomach, and I start craving for Karelian pies, or a sandwich, or tuna with sunflower oil (I have started eating more oily fish since it raises the serotonin amount in your body). Carrots taste good enough, especially Finnish summer carrots, and they have lots of vitamins.

- I have gotten lots of pimples to the edge of my face and jawline, on my neck and shoulders and and bosom and shoulder blades. I have decided not to seek treatment, I will just continue to live healthily.

- I have decided to start bicycling more often, it's all a good exercise and it gets me easily from one place to another. Now that I have a decent bicycle, a decent crash helmet and a decent bicycle pump, it would be horrid not to use them.

- I have managed to brush my teeth every morning and evening, I will also start flossing my teeth every evening before brushing my teeth. I'm glad that I have managed to take better care of my hygiene, I have brushed my teeth more often than I skip brushing them.
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