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My plans for Monday, July 20th - Sunday, July 26th

Monday, July 20th:
My ASPA worker will visit me at quarter to four o'clock in the afternoon.
I will finish whatever housework I have left.

Tuesday, July 21st:
It's a gym day, which also marks the day I wash my hair. I will go to the fitness center in Tikkurila because Myyrmäki fitness center is on a summer break. I will do the usual workout, that is, walk on a treadmill for half an hour and then use all the exercise machines and then lift weights. Then I will go to the sauna.

Wednesday, July 22nd:
It will be a one- of- a- kind day; I will receive both my monthly allowance and my weekly allowance on the same day!
The first thing to do is to order a Museum Card; it's a card that costs 54 euros a year, and you can go to 200 museums around Finland for free for a year. I am also going to pay a commission to Sugar Lips.
I am going to visit the bank to withdraw the rest of the money, and recharge my travel card so I will be able to travel around the metropolitan area for a month.
Then I will buy the necessary food, and I also need to buy underwear and a new pair of pajama pants.
If I have enough money left, I will go to Tennispalatsi movie theater to see Mad Max: Fury Road in 2D. The movie will be shown at ten to two o'clock in the afternoon.
As it is Wednesday, I am going to replace the towels and scrub the bathroom.

Thursday, July 23rd:
Nothing special yet.

Friday, July 24th:
Another hair wash day, and gym day.

Saturday, July 25th:
I will do the weekly housework.

Sunday, July 26th:
I will go see my parents.
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