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Today was a kind of a one- of- a- kind day, when 22nd day (when I receive my monthly welfare) and Wednesday (when I receive my weekly allowance) fall on the same day. The next this kind of day will be in June 2016.

I had dreams where I walked in a familiar street in Martinlaakso; I don't know if it was summer or winter, it was sunny and warm but the streets were covered in thick snow, I had my arms stretched over my head and everyone who saw my impressive armpit fur looked shocked.
In another dream me and my carnala Suavecita were in a school that resembled much "Each One Teach One" from the movie Precious, we hung out with the other girls, JoAnn and Consuelo and Rhonda and Jermaine, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Early in the morning I got up to pee and went back to bed, determined to sleep a bit more.

I got up at half past eleven o’clock in the morning, after finishing the morning routines I logged in to the online bank service to check out my balance. I had received money, so I paid a bill (partial payment for my laptop & USB dongle), and at least tried to order the Museum Card, but the site where I tried to order it didn’t approve of my Visa Electron. I might go to a museum when I have more money, order the card from the receptionist and pay with cash, or ask my mother to order it with their credit card.

I went to the bank to withdraw the money, then I went to Myyrmanni shopping center. I visited Life, a health shop, to buy a month’s supply of omega 3 fish oil capsules, and also a new kind of biotin supplement I had seen in Ruohonjuuri, the kind of a tablet that dissolves when put under your tongue. I also bought multivitamin, I am running out of it.

Then I went to Citymarket to buy the most important stuff; I bought a week’s worth of food, and some underwear; a pair of white Sloggi panties, fortunately they had my size. I also bought a pair of black bamboo- cotton tights, four pairs of brassieres, and two pairs of pajama pants; red ones with Minnie Mouse pattern, and purple ones with Daisy Duck pattern.

My purchases cost well over hundred euros, but fortunately I had the money. Then I went to Ärrä to recharge my travel card so I can travel in the metropolitan area until August 15th.

I couldn’t afford a third pair of pajama pants, or a new Familon blanket and pillow, or even one Finlayson towel, but I’ll receive more money next week.
I have taken up the habit of not spending my money on frivolity, but those pajama pants were in discount which means they are going to be sold out soon, so it’s now or never.

I hauled the carrier bags home, put the groceries into their rightful places, and cut the price tags off the clothes. I put the clothes into the laundry basket and later washed them.

I have read from the news that next year Finland is going to start recycling plastic, I am very happy about it.

After hanging the laundry, I decided to go see my parents so I took the bus 530 to Raappavuori, and called mom on the way and asked them if I can come over. They almost chirped like a happy bird when they said yes, I am welcome to come over.

Mom and dad were both home. I made coffee, surfed on the Internet, and wrote into my diary.

Later the day mom and dad went out for errands, and I went to Myyrmäki on the bus 53.

Once home, I replaced the towels, scrubbed the toilet bowl, and opened the kitchen window to let fresh air in. I also hoovered the floor, and rearranged my writing desk drawers.

In the evening I took five bags of useless stuff to a charity shop, and returned some bottles and made 20 cents.

Once back home, I fixed myself supper and surfed on Facebook.

I didn’t go to the movies today, I couldn’t afford it. But at least I managed to buy a week’s worth of food, and some new underwear, and recharge my travel card.
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