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I wanna be sedated

In the evening I played Pokémon: RED, I went to Unknown Dungeon in order to catch a Ditto. I managed to catch one on lvl 65, first it “killed” half of my Pokemon and dodged half of the Ultra Balls, and when I finally caught it, I learned that I had already caught one in Route 13, fuuuuuu.

I wondered if I was getting the flu because my throat was sore, but I recalled that I had coughed a bit when I was brushing my teeth and swallowed some of the foam. I hate having flu, I used to have one every month back in my former apartment, but it was probably because of mould. On the way when I moved here, I still had flu, and now I haven’t had one for a year. Hope it continues.

I slept on the sofa- bed where my overnight visitors usually sleep. This was because the covering of my mattress was still in the drying room, I should also wash the covering of the sofa- bed mattress and take the mattress out to beat the dust off.

I slept pretty well and had a pleasant dream where all of the houses in my neighbourhood were painted with colourful pictures.
I had a reoccurring dream where it was February, and the weather and nature were like summer. And then it was July, and it snowed.

In the morning I brushed my teeth using one of the free samples of Colgate toothpaste, because the eucalyptus- flavoured Urtekram toothpaste tasted downright horrible. I’m going to buy Finnish herb toothpaste next week.

I fetched the mattress covering from the drying room, and actually managed to fit the piece of foam plastic back in. Then I dressed my bed in clean linen for the first time in two months, when I have slept without linen.

Today I went to see my parents for a longer time as usual on Sundays, I took the bus because it was raining.
I wondered why my mother didn’t answer her phone when I called her in order to tell her that I am coming over, then I remembered that she told me yesterday that she and dad are going to a restaurant at noon.

Once in my parents’ home, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, swabbed the kitchen counter, scrubbed the toilet bowl, put the shampoo and shower gel bottles in neat order, and opened the windows to let fresh air in.

Later the day my parents came home, my mother was happy that I had done housework.

I took photos of my current diary, and also some selfies, it was a real chore trying to upload them to PhotoBucket on my parents’ crappy laptop.

I accompanied my mother when she went grocery shopping. My mom told me I should wash my kitty hoodie, I told my mother that she has such sharp eyesight. My mom tapped her nose, “Nose knows!”, meaning that it was the smell that was dirty, not the hoodie itself. I tapped my own nose and said “Peep!”

I returned the bottles and cans, and mom bought milk, cold cuts, and a box of Eskimo pies.
It drizzled lightly outside, it felt like a grey veil was falling on us.

In the afternoon I decided to leave, and asked my dad to lend me his window washer. I needed to wash the grime, grease, and banana fly poop off my windows.

I was in an unusual bad mood and bothered by delusions, even if I wasn’t tired or exhausted, and even if I had had a day pleasant enough. I looked at my wall calendar and realized that I might be suffering from PMS.
It’s always the same, every time I get closer to my menstrual cycle, I get moody and angry for no reason and also the delusions get even worse, and I find it harder to tolerate them.
I had to take two 25 mg Ketipinor pills to make myself calm down, and I also ate some fruits and sandwiches with a glass of milk to balance my blood sugar. Now I feel calmer, even if my arms and legs feel a bit weak and my eyes are out of focus. But it could be worse.

I didn’t bother with more housework, it was getting late and I still felt awful.
I took my evening medicine out of the Dosett, and noticed that I had forgotten to take my morning medicine. That’s probably why I was in a bad mood.

Tomorrow I will have a dentist’s appointment in the Myyrmäki health center at ten past one o’clock in the afternoon, one of my filling has chipped and it will be fixed. Also, my ASPA worker will visit me at the usual time, quarter to four o’clock in the afternoon.

If I had the Museum card, I could go to Amos Anderson museum since it is open on Mondays. But I also need to do the rest of the housework (dust the carpet and the sofa- bed mattress, wash the covering of the aforementioned mattress, wash the dishes, iron & fold the laundry, hoover and mop the floor from under the furniture, scrub the bathroom floor, wash even more laundry), and I should go for a bike ride once in a while.
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