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2nd Aug, 2015

I have intended to update about the past two days, but didn't feel like up to it; usually I update in the evenings, just before bedtime when all the day's hustle and bustle is done, but then I also feel tired and not motivated enough to write.

On Friday I found out I have a painful lump in my right breast.
At first I was scared it might be cancer, but then again, it might be just a harmless cyst or an inflamed mammary gland. Either way, I am going to book a doctor's appointment on Monday, and hope it's not cancer; I have already had leukemia when I was a toddler, I cannot handle another cancer.

On Saturday I did the usual housework, and went to Kallio Block Party, a street festival in Kallio. That part of Helsinki is very familiar to me, since my grandparents from my mother's side used to live there.
It was amazing, seeing all kinds of people together having fun and enjoying themselves.


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3rd Aug, 2015 05:01 (UTC)
*sends you loads of tender hugs* Oh sweetie I hope you will be OK!!!

Possibly it may be mastitis which I had several years ago, if it is painful. Know that I will be hoping and praying for you!

*lots and LOTS of love*
4th Aug, 2015 08:44 (UTC)
Seriously, I want to give you lots of kisses and hugs for being such a cutie angel! :D <3 Always remember that you deserve to be healthy, loved, and very happy ^_^

I remember when you wrote about that, and I still remember I sent you a letter and a cute card to cheer you up. And am I glad it wasn't cancer or anything worse :c I couldn't bear the thought of losing an angel like you...
4th Aug, 2015 23:18 (UTC)
You're a cutie angel too, and you deserve everything wonderful in life! *hugs you lots* I remember the sweet letter and card you sent and it did cheer me up so much. I am so happy to have a wonderful friend like you and I hope everything will be OK, and so does cutie Pepper here! *sends you more hugs*
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