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3rd Aug, 2015

👽 I had an appointment with my doctor at the psychiatric clinic today, I mentioned the lump in my breast and we discussed starting the electroconvulsive treatment. I told hir I am not depressed anymore, but I still have delusions on a daily basis. The doctor said that ECT might help with the delusions. Zie also said that I look like I am doing well; I remember what Urban Shaman once said, that I look like I am glowing with positive energy.
My nurse was present, and zie helped me make an appointment in the health center for the lump.

👽 I would love to ride my bicycle more often, but during the summer it's hard because the heat wave makes me sweat bucketfuls, and if I wear lighter clothing, I get sunburnt (note to self, buy SPF lotion) and when it's not hot, it rains bucketfuls. And besides, I need to eat properly so my blood sugar won't go low. Nah, I'll figure something out.

👽 I still have sweet cravings, and I don't know why. It's not because my period is due, and also not because I drink too little water. I still take chrome supplement and try to avoid sugar as much as possible.


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4th Aug, 2015 12:30 (UTC)

Hi, M, glad you're feeling well (do get that lump looked at by a doc who's NOT a shrink!)

Also great your getting out, bicycling, etc.

I'm also enjoying summer, down here in Florida (awfully warm, rains a lot, but usually clears quickly). Do come see me at my blog -- I'm posting a lot, but some stuff in personal (even intimate).

Let's talk more...

Kisses, J
4th Aug, 2015 15:42 (UTC)
Thank you ^_^
Yesterday my nurse helped me to make an appointment, it's on August 19th at nine o'clock in the morning. Too bad because I will probably be in a "zombie mode" that early, but anyway, it was the soonest appointment I could get, the public health care system is a bit crowded; I had a "herpes zoster" in the early spring, and I had to wait a month and half to get into treatment!

I can't wait for autumn, it's even better than summer!

By the way, here's a blog you might like: Oh Joy, Sex Toy! it's a comic blog about sex toys & sex education. It features people of all genders, shapes, sizes, and the art is amazing! :D
4th Aug, 2015 23:21 (UTC)
*sends you hugs and hope and prayers that everything will be OK*

I'll look at sending you a little something to cheer you up next week when I get paid, and hopefully you might like this story I wrote a little while ago, It has Schlitzie and the Snow sisters in it!

9th Aug, 2015 08:07 (UTC)
Thank you, cutie :3 And as you already know, I love your packages! :D I shall send you something as well as soon as Halloween arrives :3c
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