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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

 photo 11872164_10207937783347435_1497977142695597858_o_zpstvlznmec.jpg

My best friend is dropdead gorgeous lady babe, and I am a sweet and cute cinnamon roll :3

 photo 11825930_10207937881269883_8191644380889122930_n_zpsrau1gfeg.jpg

This photo reminds me of how I wore a crash helmet while bicycling in third grade, and a boy in the same class told me I look like a "potty head" while he had a "potty haircut" :D

 photo 11822340_10207937787147530_3215227620079284437_n_zpsjeem5ckv.jpg

I look so pretty :3

 photo 11825008_10207938097595291_8983606551453999994_n_zpsddfl7ppw.jpg

That's Roki, our friend

 photo 11846674_10207939538591315_2686535916827413248_n_zpsjvguattk.jpg

Jofa, Suavecita's dog :)
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