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Gimme gimme gimme shock treatment

Last night, after going to bed I took my laptop along and watched the Doctor Who Xmas special Voyage of the Damned on Netflix, then I got up to brush my teeth and take a shower.

I had set my alarm clock to ring at half past six o'clock in the morning (06:30 am) so I could make it to Peijas hospital in time, today was the first session of the electro- convulsive therapy.

I woke up earlier after having unhappy dreams. I got up, put on my clothes, washed the sleep off my eyes and drank a glass of water.

After surfing on the Internet for a little while, I took a short nap and woke up when my cellphone alarm clock rang, I had to make it to the bus.

It was going to be a pleasant day, the sun shone and the temperature was pleasantly cool and the grass was covered in dew.

I met my brother on the bus stop, he was going to have the same therapy today.

Once in the hospital, I was getting a bit nervous but I remembered when I received ECT in March 2007, and it helped me a lot.

A nurse called me in, I was told that I don't have to change into hospital scrubs and also that I don't have to take off my piercings.
I lied down on a hospital bed, a nurse inserted the anesthesia needle into the back of my left hand and the doctor put an oxygen mask on my face and said "Sweet dreams".

That's probably when I fell asleep, and when I came to my senses I was sitting in a small room with more patients, including my brother. The nurses served us apple juice, coffee, and oatmeal cookies. I didn't take anything, but I took my morning medicine with a glass of water.

Me and Sami met my mother in the cafeteria, mom treated us to a little snack. I had lost my appetite but I chose a bottle of Frezza Vanilla iced coffee.

We sat by a table and snacked in peace, and then I was greeted by Tintti, a friend of mine.

Me, mom and Sami walked to Rekola train station, where we took the K train to Hiekkaharju and then the I train, mom got off at Martinlaakso and me and Sami traveled all the way to Myyrmäki.

After getting off the train, I visited Myyrmanni. I went to Hennes & Mauritz to look for clothes, and to the stationery shop to look for a birthday card for Mirette.

I didn't feel too bad, only my jaw was a bit stiff and I felt like my head was wrapped in cotton wool, but I noticed that the delusions didn't bother me as usual.

I took a nap, and then went to see my mom. I went by a bus, and called my mother on the way. She said it was okay for me to come over.

Once there, we had coffee and talked about stuff, then I went home on a bus and noticed that the delusions started returning.

Once home, I washed the dishes, ironed the laundry, knitted a sock, and then went to the yard to sit on a bench and write into my diary.
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