Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼 (kattidya) wrote,
Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Today was the last session of electro- convulsive therapy. It went smoothly, my mom picked me up as usual. I paid lots of compliments to other people in the wake up- room.

Mom gave me 30 euros because I had asked her to. Tomorrow I am going to a restaurant with a friend who has hir birthday, that's why I needed money.

I popped to my favorite eco- market in Helsinki and bought a lime- flavored Hurraw! lip balm, and a tube of herb- flavored Finnish toothpaste.

As for the rest of the day, I stayed at home doing housework; I hoovered the floor, washed a load of laundry, and kept the kitchen window and balcony door open to let fresh air in. I have decided that from now on, I'm going to start the every- weekend housework routine on Fridays.

Tomorrow I am going to a restaurant with a friend whose name is Mia too.
Tags: real life
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