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This morning I had to get up early, because I had an appointment at the psychiatric clinic in Tikkurila. My alarm clock woke me up at half past seven o'clock, I had no problem getting up, taking my morning medicine, brushing my teeth, having a wash, dressing up, eating a breakfast and checking my e- mails and updates on the Internet.
I am slowly getting my shit back together, and I am also getting better at this adult stuff.

I left at quarter past nine o'clock, and took the I train to Pasila and then the K train to Tikkurila, and made it to the clinic in time.

I had forgotten what the appointment was supposed to be about, but I was told that the doctor A. Wegelius wanted to discuss the continuation of the electroshock therapy with me. I told him that after the electroshock therapy ended, my delusions have ceased, but I have also become more depressed and that I get all kinds of bizarre thoughts that I have no control over; but I also told him that I am slowly getting better, and that I don't want to continue the electroshock therapy. He told me that he respects my decision, and the electroshock therapy won't be continued.

I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki, visited my parents home on the way, and bought a can of milk from Citymarket on the way home.

Once back home, I washed two loads of laundry and realized that I need a bigger drying rack. I might buy another this week when I receive money.

While waiting for my ASPA worker and a student to come for the weekly home visit, I cut my nails, and washed the dishes by hand, and looked for clothes and other stuff I could give away to charity or thrift shops.

Kaarina, my ASPA worker and the student arrived a bit late, but I didn't mind. We talked for a while, I told them how I have been doing after the electroshock therapy ended, and how I have been getting better in everyday life, and how I plan to exercise after I am cured from the flu.

I left after they left, and took a bag of old clothes and other stuff to a charity shop container. Then I decided to go to Helsinki, I had planned to visit Girls' House today; the I train to Helsinki was cancelled, so I took the bus 411 to Helsinki and then the subway train to Hakaniemi.

Once in Girls' House, my friend Mirette was there. I bought a cup of cocoa and sat next to her, wrote into my diary and talked to the other girls.

We left at the same time, Mirette had to go see a friend in the city center. I took the subway to Kamppi and visited a few shops, then I walked to the city center and took the P train to Myyrmäki, it was getting late but I still had a craving for chocolate, so I visited Citymarket and bought a 4- pack of chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

Once back home, it was getting late. I took my evening medicine, changed into nighties, ate the four pots of pudding, and went to bed and took my laptop along.
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