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 photo baby1_NEW_zpszeqk7lwo.jpg

My brother petting my head

 photo baby2_NEW_zpsrc6ppcgk.jpg

Both of us laughing

 photo baby5_zpspowutsmn.jpg

Happy family moment. My brother looks like a small werewolf cub :3c

 photo baby4_zps5bmnd5fo.jpg

Me and my brother up to shenanigans, and my brother listening to a banana

 photo baby6_NEW_zpsrgisg9c3.jpg

No, my mother is not spanking me, she is burping me!

 photo baby3_NEW_zpsnopdupx9.jpg

My christening, that's my cousin (my mother's sister's daughter) Kati holding me, her younger brother Timo, and my brother between them

 photo baby9_zps8qalpgrq.jpg

As you can see, I am instinctively trying to push the Santa away because I was scared of him :D

 photo baby7_NEW_zpstpqzedro.jpg

My mother told me that when taking this photo, my brother asked "Will she stay with us?"

 photo baby8_zpshxcvlmsj.jpg

Sibling bonding moment and my brother pooping into a potty :D
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