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I have felt a bit weird the past week, ever since the electroshock therapy ended. I get these weird thoughts that I don’t recognize as sensible thoughts, they feel something like déjà vu- experiences, and I feel mostly miserable and paranoid for most of the time. I also feel like my own personal death is walking right next to me, I feel as if I shouldn’t do anything because nothing matters when I am dead, and sometimes I feel as if I am a cold, still body lying in a grave. Then again, it’s something to write about.

I think I am getting the flu; my throat is raw, my eyes are sore, and my nose runs. It’s the first flu I have had for a year and half. I also recently got my period with minimal cramps and PMS.

I have decided to start living a healthier life. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and work out a lot, on Saturday I will go to the swim hall and sauna, and on Sunday I will wash my hair so it won’t get greasy. And the same routine again next week; to the gym on Monday, to the swim hall and sauna on Tuesday, hair- washing on Wednesday, and that’s also when I receive money. I will buy a week’s worth of groceries and go to the movies to see Inside Out.

I woke up early this morning, about at eight o’clock. I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and underbelly, anointed my skin with basic lotion, put on my Hello Kitty pajama pants and a Ramones sweater, and ate oatmeal porridge with organic honey and a glass of milk for breakfast. I also took my vitamin supplements.

I washed a load of laundry and decided not to take the laundry to the downstairs drying room, instead I hung the laundry on the clotheshorse in my apartment.

I went to visit my parents’ home today, they had travelled to the USA for this month. My brother had left 20 euros for me; we had agreed with my parents that they are going to make a bank transfer to my brother’s account every week, and he is going to give the money to me. You have to help out your little sister, you see.

I put the bill into my wallet, made a cup of sweet milky coffee and ate whatever I could find from the fridge (orange juice, goat cheese, licorice sticks, cherry tomatoes, cheese & onion crisps), and emptied and loaded the dishwasher, and sorted out my parents’ mail.

I took a bus to Helsinki and a subway to Hakaniemi, and went to Girls’ House. I talked with another girl about yaoi manga, and drank a few cups of cocoa.

After leaving, I went to the Museum of Natural Science because there is a free entrance every month’s first Thursday starting at five o’clock in the evening.
It was nice but slightly boring because I have visited the museum many times, and it’s boring to visit all alone. I should ask my friends to visit along with me next month.

I took the P train to Myyrmäki and went to Myyrmanni shopping mall. I visited the mobile phone shop and asked about my cellphone, I have to recharge it about once a day. I was told that the battery is getting old and the cellphone itself is old too, so I purchased a Nokia Lumia with a partial payment.

I also visited Citymarket and bought a small piece of linen cloth that is used for sitting on in a sauna, and a pound of kiwis. I have started eating lots of kiwis, they taste like candy, yum!

I also bought a greeting card for a friend who recently gave birth to a daughter, I wanted to congratulate her.

Once home, I recharged my new cellphone, wrote and stamped the greeting card, and took my evening medicine. I also washed the linen cloth in the laundry, and hung it on the clotheshorse.

I decided to give up my old coffee table, I hauled it to the ground where the tenants dump their trash. My mom had promised that we are going to purchase me new furniture after they return from the USA.

Tomorrow I have a gym day, but I think I should give myself a rest if I am getting the flu. I also have an appointment at the psychiatric clinic at half past noon.
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