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🌻 I wish I could come up with original titles to my "real life" entries.

🌻 Today I have had the need to pee 8 times, drank 11 cups of coffee, had the hiccups for 5 times, and the same piercing ring in my right ear has gotten caught on my keffiyeh scarf 3 times. Yah.

🌻 I have enough time, but not enough motivation to wash the dishes and iron the laundry. I guess I'll do them tomorrow.
It's so weird, doing housework is fun, relaxing and rewarding, but actually beginning to do it always feels tough.

🌻 I'm making plans on visiting my grandmother later this autumn, it's going to be wonderful as usual. I am going to visit her only for a weekend, and I am going to take lots of walks in the amazingly gorgeous forests and shores in the neighborhood.

🌻 I just realized that I am a very fast typist, and my cursive writing is very pretty, even if I say so myself.
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