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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

I had set my alarm clock to ring at eight o’clock this morning so I could fulfil my promise of finishing the housework before noon, but I got up at quarter past seven o’clock in the morning (7:15 am) because I had a nightmare where I was bullied in school by a girl and sexually harassed by a boy. I was already in a sullen mood when I got up.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash and dressed up, had breakfast and then I started doing housework; I hoovered and mopped the floor, swabbed the writing desk, kitchen counter, and the bathroom sink and toilet bowl and the surface of the washing machine.

Later the day I went to visit my parents’ home, I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori. I sorted their mail, turned on the dishwasher, drank too much coffee and surfed on the Internet.

I decided to visit Helsinki. I went to Kiasma because I knew there was a free bathroom, then I went to Marimekko shop in Kamppi shopping center and fitted a pink- and- green- striped long- sleeved shirt. I love stripy shirts, they go well with Tyrolean dresses.

I went to the harbour and sat on a bench writing into my diary, then Suavecita called me and suggested that we travel to Tallinn next month. I agreed, we also talked about Halloween parties, and her dog Jofa who is a rascal.

I travelled to Myyrmäki on the P train, once back home I plugged my smartphone into a charger, and started writing next week’s shopping list.
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