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Last night I had a dream I was in primary school despite being 15 years old, it was Halloween evening and there was snow everywhere, the sun was setting and I was trying to make it home. I was wearing a nightie, and trying to ride a broken bicycle while my classmates made fun of me. I got stuck in a snowdrift, it was getting dark, and the only light was the sunset.
I was scared out of my mind and not even the chocolate bars I had gotten from trick- or- treating made me happy.
I woke up unhappy. I wish I could completely give up having dreams when I sleep, I have no use for them.
I tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and finally got up and did the morning routines. I washed my hair, wondering why it gets greasy so quickly.

Later the morning I took a nap, and I slept sweetly and felt like I was on a fluffy cloud. It's so weird how I never sleep so comfortably during the night.

I woke up about two and half hours later, and thought it was already afternoon but it was only about quarter to ten o'clock (9:45 am).
I went to the shopping center to return empty bottles and cans I had found during the weekend. I don't actually scavenge dumpsters for bottles, I just pick them up when I randomly find them. I save the nature, keep the streets clean, and make a little cash out of it. What could be better?

Once back home, I scribbled yesterday's entry into my diary and then decided to go visit my parents' home. I barely made it to the bus 571 and got off at Raappavuori.
The first thing I saw after stepping out of the bus, was the golden yellow birch leaves falling serenely onto the earth in the gentle breeze. It made me feel blissful.

Once in my parents' home, I sorted out their mail, brewed a huge pan of coffee, and tried to print a black and white comic image so I could color it with my crayons, but the printer wasn't working. Poo poo

I decided to walk back to Myyrmäki to get some exercise, I have been relying on public transports too much. I really enjoyed walking, I felt my cheeks glow and my legs get stronger, and the autumnal weather was gorgeous.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the library and then to the shopping center, but there was a fire alarm so I had to exit.

I went home and puttered around until my ASPA worker and a nurse student came for the weekly home visit.
We talked about things and stuff, they checked the condition and orderliness of my apartment, and we agreed for a new visit on next week's Tuesday at quarter to eleven o'clock before noon (10:45 am).

We left at the same time, I was going to Girls' House. I barely made it to the I train, once in Helsinki I took the subway to Hakaniemi, and met Laura, not Lauski but the one who used to work in Horror Shop, in the same subway. We said hello to each other, chitchatted and after getting off the subway in Hakaniemi, we walked together for a while and then hugged and told each other to take care.

Once in Girls' House, I drank two cups of cocoa, wrote into my diary, took a “friend selfie” with Mirette, and left at quarter past six o'clock in the evening (6:15 pm).

I decided to walk all the way to Kamppi from Hakaniemi, and went to my favorite thrift shop on Freda. After the discount was over, there was a brand new selection; I added a pair of blue pajama pants with green polka dots to my shopping list, along with a gorgeous Hello Kitty backpack.

I went to another thrift shop on Iso- Roba, and added a quilt made of small knitted squares and a mathroska scarf to my shopping list. I might also buy a black velvet skirt with yellow roses and a nice pullover to wear with it.

I took the bus 411 to Myyrmäki, in the bus I met a person who goes to the same hobby group in Myöhätuuli. We chitchatted a bit on the way to Myyrmäki, I got off before the station and walked home.

In the evening I was in an unhappy mood, I didn't feel like doing the evening routines and it was too late to finish housework.
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