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Can I has a butt?

I think I should start buying decaffeinated coffee. Last night I stayed awake almost all the way to two o’clock in the morning (2:00 am) because I had drank coffee with my supper. And perhaps because I had created another blog, this time on DreamWidth, and spent time fiddling with the layout and stuff.
Anyway, I slept well and I don’t remember having bad dreams, so that’s a plus.

I got up about at half past six o’clock in the morning (6:30 am), I didn’t feel like sleeping anymore because I felt a strange pain in my knee joints, and I couldn’t get my blanket into a comfortable position. I was glad that I didn’t oversleep, like I had done yesterday.

I took my morning medicine, then I made the first cup of coffee and drank it while surfing on the Internet. I took a shower, washed my hair and scrubbed my underboobs.
I brushed my teeth, anointed my skin with basic lotion, and dressed up; today I wore a purple and blue- speckled long- hemmed sweater that looks like a short- hemmed dress, with a huge black letter M on the front. I bought it from Cybershop because of the letter M, my name begins with that letter.

I had a bowl of oatmeal porridge with organic honey for breakfast, drank a glass of milk, and took my nutritional supplements with orange juice.

I was thinking of not visiting my parents’ home today. Usually I visit them just so I can drink free coffee, but now I have coffee of my own.

Today is not a gym day or a swim hall day, so I was thinking of going for a walk. It seemed like it was going to be a sunny day, perfect for walking, and the temperature was pleasantly chilly. I was thinking about walking around Lammaslampi, the lake in Pähkinärinne.

I started the housework day by lifting all the stuff off the floor and putting them on my bed and the sofa- bed. That way I can hoover and mop every inch of the floor, but decided to do it after midday so my neighbors won’t be bothered by the noise.

I got sick of staying inside, so I went for a walk. Too bad I couldn’t manage walking all the way to Pähkinärinne, because my right leg started hurting; my pinkie toe has a callus or the nail edge is sharp, and it keeps on rubbing against the toe next to it. There is already a small, but painful wound on the toe. The pain radiates all the way to halfway of my shin, and it’s really hard to walk.
I just walked around the shopping center, by then the pain had reduced. I managed to get my lungs full of fresh, crisp autumn air, and felt good after I returned home with a slight sheen of sweat and my cheeks glowing.

I washed a load of laundry and opened the windows to let fresh air in. I also swabbed the writing desk and dusted my artefacts, and washed the garbage bins. Then I took out the recycling, and washed the canvas bags where I store recyclable trash, such as carton, paper, glass, and metal.

About at midday, I hoovered every square inch of my floor. I am going to mop it tomorrow, because my mother taught me that floor should me mopped the day after hoovering, because that’s when the dust has settled.

I decided to go to Helsinki, I was feeling the cabin fever.

I took the bus 411 to the city center, once there I went to Kiasma and sat on a comfy bench to write into my diary.

I walked to Market Square through Senate Square, I wanted to visit a couple of shops but they were closed.

My foot hurt, I was getting hungry, the bright sunshine hurt my eyes, and I felt like it was a waste of time to travel to Helsinki when I could be at my own home doing housework and surfing on the Internet.

My foot hurt like hell, so I took a subway from Kaisaniemi to the city center. Once I was in the train on my way home, I felt disappointed for not walking to the city center. After all, I had promised to exercise as much as possible. Once in Malminkartano, I got off the train and walked to Myyrmäki, writhing in pain.

Once home, I made myself a rye bread sandwich with cheese and cucumber slices, my favorite kind.

My green magic ink pen dried up, so I started using a mechanical pencil instead when writing my diary. I have decided to give up those magic ink pens since they dry up too quickly.

I inspected my right foot, there was a blister on my pinkie toe and an abrasion on the toe next to it. I put band- aids on both of them.

I washed two loads of laundry, week- old bed linen and a small rug.

I talked on the phone with Suavecita about our costumes for this year’s Halloween party. I love talking to her, she never fails making me happy!

I feel quite healthy right now, both mentally and physically. I’m glad I have overcome my lethargy, I have managed to go to the gym and swim hall and go for walks. I have also kept my home tidy and clean.
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