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My plans for Monday, September 21st - Sunday, September 27th

Monday, September 21st
I will do the rest of the housework I didn’t do this weekend; mop every square inch of the floor, take the carpet out to dust it, wash more laundry, and scrub the kitchen counter.
I will also go to the gym and work out by the usual routine.
I might go to Amos Anderson art museum, since it’s the only art museum in the metropolitan area that’s open on Mondays.

Tuesday, September 22nd
Like every 22nd day of the month, I will receive the monthly guarantee welfare that is 108 euros and 85 cents. I will pay a commission to Sugar Lips, and load 25 gym and swim hall visits to my fitness center membership card. I will use the rest of the money to buy groceries.
My ASPA worker Kaarina will come for a home visit at quarter to eleven o’clock in the morning (10:45 a.m.).
I will go to the swim hall and try to swim more than 100 meters (328 feet) and keep breaks so I won’t run out of breath too quickly.

Wednesday, September 23rd
Like every Wednesday, I will receive the weekly 80 euros. I’m thinking about going to the movies to see Inside Out, I have planned to go see it for a while now.
It’s also hair- washing day, and another housework day, when I replace towels and scrub the toilet bowl.

Thursday, September 24th
I will go to the gym to work out, and my brother will give me the weekly 20 euros.

Friday, September 25th
I will have a therapy appointment at one o’clock in the afternoon (1:00 pm).
I will go to the swim hall.

Saturday, September 26th
I will wash my hair as the first thing in the morning, and I will do housework.

Sunday, September 27th
It will be Norsis’ birthday, I will mail her a card.
I will go to the gym.
I will do the rest of the housework.
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