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Gentle rhythm heals the hurt inside

Last night when I went to sleep, I was feeling a bit morose. I had read a sad comic on Pinterest, it was about Pokémons who were rejected by their trainers and turned into MissingNo.
If Pokémon were real, I would never collect them simply for the sake of collecting. I would keep them as my pets, I would never put them inside Pokéballs, I would feed and bathe and cuddle them.

I felt happier this morning, I had woken up early but decided to sleep later. There was a breathtakingly beautiful sunshine outside.

I felt a bit discontent with sleeping late, usually I wake up early feeling all hale and hearty and decide to get up early. But I don't feel like being unhappy because of it, as it was Saturday and I didn't have any special appointments.

I decided to get up before noon, and noticed that I had gotten my period. I fixed a sanitary pad into my panties when taking a pee, then I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, ate a breakfast, and started doing housework.

I scrubbed the toilet bowl and lifted every single item from the floor on my bed or the sofa- bed, then I hoovered and mopped the floor. I also opened the kitchen window and balcony door to let fresh air in.

I knew I could have finished housework in a matter of hours, but I felt the wanderlust rise again so I did the same thing every millenial does when facing trouble; I called my mom.
She didn't answer, so I called her later again. She didn't answer, so I called dad, he said he had been grocery shopping with mom, and gave his cellphone to mom.
I asked her if I can come over and if she can give me some grocery money, she sounded surprisingly calm and said it's okay.

I went to visit them, I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori. Once home, mom gave me 20 euros and a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. She didn't say a word about my clothing.

I kissed mom and dad, told them to take care of each other, and then I walked to the old shopping center and visited Alepa. I bought two 3D cards depicting a cute unicorn, one for Pepita who was her birthday on Monday, and one for myself to put on my collage wall.

I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki and visited Citymarket to buy a dozen eggs, six satsumas, and a block of cheese.

Once back home, I put the groceries to the fridge and ate a little snack.

Suavecita called me, we talked and laughed for about an hour and then I continued doing housework; I moved the furniture enough to hoover and mop the floor under it, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, aired my pillow and blanket on the balcony, and soon I have to put fresh sheets into my bed, wash the dishes, take the carpet out to dust it, and unclog the bathroom sink. I guess I'll do them tomorrow.

Today has been a good day, nothing bad has happened.
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