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I had a dream that I studied in Hogwarts, which was made more punk rock by the muggle students; the walls were painted pink and black, students sold hand- made Evil Eye earrings, and I found a woolly neckscarf that seemed to belong to a Ravenclaw. I tried to find it's owner, and I only got mean glares, but still remained as kind as possible.
In the dream the aforementioned school was right next to Lammaslampi ("sheep lake") in Pähkinärinne.

In another dream I was in the summer cottage with my parents and my best friend Suavecita.

I woke up early and got up early, and I didn't feel like doing much of the morning routines because I had run out of toothpaste.
I changed my panties and fixed a new sanitary pad into them, took my morning medicine, washed my face and anointed it with basic lotion, dressed up into a pair of trousers and a cute t- shirt (I was going shopping with my mother today and I had to dress into proper clothes) and had breakfast, I also took my nutritional supplements.
I really should take my time enjoying my food, usually I still have a mouth full of porridge when I am already washing the breakfast bowl. And I also shouldn't take the nutritional supplements right after finishing my breakfast, it usually activates my gag reflex and I throw up.

Later the morning me and my mom met in front of the stationery shop in Myyrmanni shopping center, we went to Citymarket to buy a pair of winter boots for me. I have decided that from now on I’ll wear comfortable shoes, I love biker boots but they are a tad bit too expensive and uncomfortable.

Mom bought me the boots, and also bought me a tube of toothpaste because I have run out of it. Then she gave me 40 euros for the trip to grandmother’s, except that I was going to spend most of it today.
Then she took me to Burger King for brunch. I chose a big dose of French fries and a chocolate milkshake, mom picked a Whopper.
I enjoyed my fries but they were piping hot, and I couldn’t finish my milkshake without getting a brainfreezy. My mom noticed that I ate quickly, and grabbed my hand and asked me if I am nervous.

We looked around for a while and then mom had to go to the pharmacy and then to a hobby group, so I hugged her and told her to take care.

I went to the dressmaker’s to pick up my mended dress, it was my purple Tyrolean dress that had gotten a small tear. I also visited a convenience shop in Myyrinpuhos to buy a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle Pez dispenser.

I went back home, ate the Pez candies (they were orange- flavoured), brushed my teeth (it took me almost 30 years to finally learn a proper way of brushing my teeth. I have also started spitting the foam right into the hole in the sink, because otherwise I have to scrub the dried foam off the sink every weekend), and cut the price tags off my new boots.

I went out again, wearing my new boots. They were really comfortable, but I guess they need some sort of insoles.
I visited the stationery shop to buy an artefact (a small screw- top glass jar filled with roses made from pink satin ribbons) and Citymarket to buy a box of assorted chocolates, then I took the I train to Helsinki because I had a therapy appointment at half past one o’clock in the afternoon.

Once in Helsinki, I was feeling thirsty after eating all the chocolates, so I bought a bottle of Snapple lemonade. I took the subway to Kamppi and sat down for a while to scribble into my diary.

During the therapy session, we managed to have a hearty talk, and made a new appointment on October 13th at half past one o’clock in the afternoon.

After the therapy session, I wandered around downtown just enjoying my time being, and then I took the P train to Myyrmäki.

I visited Citymarket to buy two boxes of household paper, I am using it again.
I have decided to start using non- organic hygiene products because I cannot afford organic ones.

Once back home, I surfed on the Internet, talked on the phone with Suavecita, and made plans for the rest of the day. I still had money left, so I was thinking of doing some purchases.

I went back to Myyrmanni, and visited Hennes & Mauritz to buy a pair of new Halloween- themed earrings; two mermaid skeletons. The aforementioned shop has amazing clothes this season, something that appeases my taste.

I went to Citymarket to buy a can of milk and a can of fruit juice.

Once back home, I put the milk and juice into the fridge and packed some stuff for the visit to my grandmother’s. I am going to take along a nightie, every single one of my Dirndl dresses (I have four of them, and I am going to spend four full days at her house), underwear, my filled- up Dosett, my laptop and USB dongle, my diary, and my backpack which I usually keep with me.

I watched the American Horror Story: Coven episode Go To Hell, it was very delighting. I loved the scene where the Voodoo Queen tortured LaLaurie’s daughter in her own personal Hell.
It’s so weird, I am the sweetest, nicest, and kindest person according to many people, and I still enjoy horror movies and such.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance. I am thinking of going to the movies to see Inside Out, preferably 2D version in Finnish dub, I have been planning to go see the movie for a long time but never had enough time or money.
I will probably get up early enough to make it to the bank, which will be opened at ten o’clock in the morning (10:00 am). The movie will be shown ten minutes to eleven o’clock in the morning (10:50 am), so I will withdraw the money and then take the next train to Helsinki.

After the movie I will go back home to do housework, after that I am going back to Helsinki and buy a Greyhound bus ticket to Kangasala and another for return. I am going to go visit my grandmother, and I will return on Sunday. I am taking my laptop along, so I can stay in touch with my lovely friends <3
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