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Today's blessings:
🍫 Waking up early
🍫 Receiving more money than anticipated
🍫 Eating lots of treats
🍫 Seeing the movie Inside Out, and the short animation Lava which almost made me feel so emotional that I cried ;3;
🍫 Buying lots of nice stuff
🍫 Making it to the Greyhound bus just in time!
🍫 Spending a couple of days at my grandmother's
🍫 Going to see a play on Sunday
🍫 The autumn colors are gorgeous, the sunshine is beautiful, and the temperature is pleasantly nippy

Food intake:
🍫 A glass of fruit juice with my nutritional supplements
🍫 Two small blueberry pies
🍫 Starbucks white chocolate latte
🍫 Seven cherry tomatoes
🍫 A bowl of rice porridge
🍫 A slice of home- made apple pie
🍫 Boiled egg
🍫 Rye bread sandwich with egg

Money spending:
🍫 Greyhound bus tickets to Kangasala and back
🍫 Pair of reflective shoelaces from the Pink Ribbon campaign
🍫 3D postcard with a picture of a galloping unicorn among cherry blossoms and ferns
🍫 Pair of Moomin hair bands
🍫 Starbucks latte and the blueberry pies

🍫 In the morning I took a shower, washed my hair and body and anointed my face and body with basic lotion, and brushed my teeth
🍫 In the evening I brushed my teeth , also washed my face and anointed it with lotion, and washed my underbelly

🍫 Scrubbed the toilet bowl
🍫 Washed the dishes
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