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Back home again! ^_^

Last night when I went to bed, I kept on recalling many funny and amusing memories from my family's Xmases and practically laughed myself to sleep.

I had a dream where I read a manga about the year 2022; a group of teenagers from all races, kind of like Big Hero 6, formed an activist group named Birdsong. They spread information about the oncoming end of the world if people didn't stop polluting nature.

In another dream I was in a small forest, or actually just a cluster of trees, in Pähkinärinne. It was a rainy night and I was looking for a Queen Elsa costume I could wear during Halloween.

In another dream it was Xmas, I spent it with at my parents' house.

The last dream was about me being a young mischievous girl in a small country school; I stole the principal's wallet and bought glittery stickers and chocolate confections, and also left a note telling the principal that her face looks like a baboon's butt.

I woke up when my cellphone alarm rang at eight o'clock in the morning. I had no problem getting up.
I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed the sleep off my eyes and dabbed lotion on my face, and dressed up into a pink Dirndl dress with tiny blue flower pattern, and a baseball shirt.

I had rice porridge, raspberries and Karelian pies for dessert, and spent most of the morning scribbling into my diary. I packed the rest of my stuff into the suitcase, when I almost broke the zipper I decided to pack the rest of the stuff into my Frozen backpack.

When it was time to leave, I hugged and kissed grandmother goodbye (she is old and frail, you never know which meeting could be the last...), and hauled my suitcase and my Frozen backpack to the bus station. It was a chilly but sunny morning.

The Greyhound bus arrived on time. On my way to Helsinki I didn't bother writing into my diary, fiddling with my smartphone, or using my laptop. I just sat silently with my sunglasses covering my eyes. On the way to Helsinki, the sky clouded up.

Once in Helsinki, I took the subway to the city center and took the P train to Myyrmäki.
Once back home, I almost blew a fuse when I noticed I had received another pizza flyer despite the fact that I had a notification on my door about flyers and advertisements.

I washed a week's worth of laundry and hoovered the floor, then I got bored so I called my mom and asked her if I can come over and can she please give me some grocery money, she said yes to both.

I decided to walk to Raappavuori, it was such a blessed weather and I didn't feel like waiting for the bus because usually on weekends, the buses are scarcer than during weekdays. Once in my parents' home, they had gone grocery shopping.
I brewed a cup of coffee and did stuff, until my parents came home. Mom gave me 20 euros, and I decided to leave so I could go shopping.

I took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki, and went to Myyrmanni shopping center. I bought a tube of fluoride- free toothpaste made of Finnish herbs from a health shop named Life, then I went to Citymarket to buy tomatoes, milk, satsumas, and butter.

Once back home, I put the groceries into the fridge and then I remembered that I was supposed to take some stuff to the storage room downstairs. I packed my old diaries into a plastic bag, and hauled them downstairs; there was a huge room with small storage places that looked like chicken cages in those old farms. I put the diaries into my own room, and then fetched another bag, and soon I had hauled every single one of my old diaries into the room.

Soon I was bored again, so I decided to go for an urbane adventure.
I took the bus 560 to Mellunmäki, then the subway to Sörnäinen, and walked through Hakaniemi and Kaisaniemi to Elielinaukio and took the bus 411 to Myyrmäki. There were four police cars and two ambulances in the train station, I wondered why.
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