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Keep on smiling

Last night I had a dream where I was studying in Hämeenkylä high school, it was January and I was trudging through snowdrifts to make it to school. I decided to drop out, simply because I didn’t feel like going there.

I woke up when grandmother called me, she said she is going to deposit a tenner into my account because I helped her with housework. She also said “Keep on smiling!”

I went back to bed and slept till midday, and had an erotic nightmare. I woke up to a tremendous orgasm and immediately felt my underbelly, it was slippery and wet.

I got up, took my morning medicine and put on clothes, I didn’t feel like staying at home so I went to see my parents.

I turned on my lappy to check out the bus timetables; for some reason or other, every time I check out the bus timetables, one bus left a minute ago and another bus leaves in a minute.
It was 12:28 pm, and the bus 571 would leave at 12:34 and the bus 565 would leave at 12:40.

I went to the bus stop and made it to the bus 571. I tried calling my mom on the way to Raappavuori and announce that I am coming over, but she didn’t answer.

Dad was hoovering the floor, mom told me that she didn’t hear her cellphone ringing because of the noise the vacuum cleaner made.
I made a cup of coffee, and took a shower as it was a shower day again.
I washed my hair, armpits, feet, and underboobs, and also showered my underbelly and butt.

After shower, I rubbed Aqualan L on my skin and blow- dried my hair.

It was lunchtime, so mom fried some chopped potatoes for me. She had also boiled some eggs, and made a salad; tomato, leek, peas, and a bit of olive oil.

My parents watched the movie Easy Rider, I drank coffee, wrote into my diary, and surfed on the Internet on their laptop. Their operating system was changed into Ubuntu, it takes a while to learn to use it.

After the visit, I decided to go for a walk. I hugged and kissed mom and dad and told them to take care of each other and themselves.
Me and mom agreed that we have to visit IKEA one day, I still need a dining table, coffee table, and a bureau, and also some storage boxes.

I walked to Vantaankoski, and I was disgusted at the amount of garbage on the ground. I have been thinking of buying myself a pair of heavy- duty gloves and a roll of trash bags, so I can pick the trash everywhere I go.

I walked on Isontammentie to Myllymäki, and walked past my old junior high. There had been a mould problem so the school was closed, the windows were boarded up, and there were graffiti and plenty of trash around. I felt a strange, bittersweet nostalgia.

I walked past a football field and saw a young boy kick his ball high enough so it went flying past the fence, I picked it up and brought it back to him.

I walked on the path amongst the fields and forests, but I was arguing with the voices inside my head that it was almost impossible to enjoy the sights.

I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki, and visited Myyrmanni shopping center just to spend time. I visited Life, Hennes & Mauritz, and Citymarket.

Once back home, I took some stuff to the storage room downstairs. I also took my not- used diaries off the bookshelf, arranged them into neat piles on the floor so I can take them to the storage room later when I feel like doing it.
I took my artefacts out of my closet and arranged them into the bookshelf; it has five shelves, two top ones are for artefacts and the rest are for books and DVDs.

I was in a terribly angry mood, and didn’t know why. I had eaten well today, and my menses were over for this month, so it wasn’t low blood sugar or hormones.
I just noticed that I had forgotten to take my morning medicine, that’s probably the reason to my mood swings.

In the evening I started watching the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I might not watch it all the way to the end, I still have to wash the dishes and have a wash before going to bed.

Tomorrow I am going to the bank as the first thing in the morning, in order to open my piggy bank and take the money out of it. I need to buy a can or two of the vitamin fruit juice I use to take my nutritional supplements with, and also chicken eggs so I can boil them for supper.
I have also run out of two prescription medicines, so I have to buy them as well. I hope I can afford them all. I also have to take my broadband bill to the social office.
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