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Today was another blessed day when I received money.

I had a dream where I hung out with two clowns from my childhood TV shows, one of them was a happy and friendly one and one of them was angry and nasty, and also drunk. (Finnish people might recognize them; Pelle- Hermanni and Nasse- Setä).
In another dream I met ThunderCats, and Loki Laufeyson (the one portrayed by Tom Hiddleston) and went to a euro shop to look for a Captain Marvel coffee mug.
In another dream I flied, or basically floated in the sky, over countries and oceans to America to visit Joey Ramone’s grave.
I also had a dream about Joey being a slutty little angel, who made love to every single one of his bandmates.
In the dream I read from the newspaper that Joey had been trans*, either a transwoman or a transman, and he died as a result of a hate crime.
After visiting his grave, I wrapped myself in a warm, fluffy blanket and flew back to Finland. In America I saw plenty of lush forests and golden cornfields, and in Finland it was cold and rainy despite that it was summer.

I woke up when it was still dark, and decided to sleep till ten o’clock in the morning when the bank would be opened.
Just to pass time, I picked my nose and accidentally poked the inside of my nostril with my sharp nail, and made it bleed. I didn’t mind, and fell back asleep.

I slept till 8:39 am, and decided to sleep a bit more. ZZZZzzzz

I got up at half past ten o’clock. I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed up, and turned on my laptop. I logged in to the online bank service; I had received 100 euros, but I had to pay 9 euros of usage fees or whatevs they are called, and 25 euros as half of this month’s partial payment for my laptop and USB dongle. I had 66 euros left.

I went to the bank to withdraw them, then I went to Citymarket to buy some basic groceries; a dozen eggs, two cans of 1,75 liters of milk, a big block of cheese, two kilogrammes of tomatoes, two kilogrammes of satsumas; I usually buy a lot of food every Wednesday, so I can make do until next Wednesday. I also bought two small bottles of iced coffee, and a proper container for the cheese block.

My purchases cost almost 40 euros, it makes me sad how expensive basic food is nowadays.
I dragged my grocery bags home, and felt a bit downcast. Once home, I put the groceries into the fridge, and accidentally dropped the cheese container and broke it. I just thought “Oh bugger” and put it to the garbage bin.

Later the day I went to see Elyseé in Myyrmanni, we went to Subway. I picked my favorite sub, honey- oat (I accidentally wrote “hiney” first) sandwich with American cheese, sweet onion sauce, tomatoes and olives.

We took the I train to Pasila, then another train to Savio. We were visiting this huge flea market, and needless to say we were a bit dumbfounded when we noticed that there were people queuing for the flea market, it went almost around the block!
It’s amazing that normally I don’t like standing on my feet for a long time, but this time I managed to stand for at least an hour.

Once in the flea market, I was a bit disappointed when I noticed that their selection was pretty boring to my taste, they didn’t have any vintage clothes. Nevertheless, I managed to find some nice ones, and paid 5 € for them.

We headed to the train station, and decided not to go to Kiasma today because we both felt a bit tired. We took a train to Pasila, and went to K- Market because Elyseé had to buy groceries.
We caught the P train, Elyseé went to her own home and I got off at Myyrmäki, I took the bag of clothes to my home and called mom to ask her for money. She said she was going to give me 20 euros, and also told me that I should come over so we can order the bureau of drawers from IKEA webstore.

I caught the bus 574 to Raappavuori. Mom was making dinner, she was picking the bones off a salmon fillet.
She gave me the money, and then I logged in to the IKEA online service.
I was sweating when my mom stood behind me and peered at the laptop screen, knowing her she would have blown her fuse any second if I did a mistake.
I still have the fear that when I talk to my dad and fumble with my words, he is going to yell at me “You ALWAYS fumble with your words and yak and yak and yak all the time! Just tell me what you were going to say and get over with it!” like he did when I was a kid.

I tried to order a delivery to the nearest IKEA, but for some reason the site didn’t accept it. We wondered what the reason behind it was, and then decided to ask dad to go to IKEA with me to pick up the drawer.

I headed out before they would both lose their minds. I walked to the train station and caught the I train to Helsinki, and visited the eco- market to buy a new toothbrush, soap bar, and a tube toothpaste.
I went to visit Cybershop in Kamppi, I rummaged through the bin of knockoff badges but didn’t find anything special.

I took the subway to the city center and then the P train to Myyrmäki. Once home, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

Once home, I put the hygiene products to their rightful places, took my evening medicine and changed into pajamas.
I was still hyped up after the fun day out, and because I had been out late.
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