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This morning I got up at ten o’clock, and this time I also remembered to take my morning medicine. I wore my pink and blue Dirndl dress and a grey and black Ramones shirt; I knew it was Halloween today, but I didn’t bother with costumes so I decided to be a Ramones fan.

Me and Suavecita were going to a Halloween party at Heidi’s, I took the P train to Kivistö after midday.
I walked about in the train station, flapping my arms and giggling to myself. Suavecita picked me up in her car, she drove us to her house. Jofa, the shepherd from Germany, barked like crazy, sniffed me and licked my face and left muddy paw prints on my dress.

We arrived just in time for lunch; braised chicken and smashed potatoes. I ate smashed potatoes, I’m still a vegetarian.
I also drank three cups of cocoa and two cups of sweet milky coffee and took a nap while Suavecita did her makeup. She also lent me a pointy witch hat, so I decided to be a witch who is a Ramones fan.

She drove us to Hyrylä, where Heidi lives with her fiancée Jari. There were two visitors along with us, Susanna and Ansku. Usually there have been tons of other visitors; Sanna, Essi, Juulia, Anni, and also Elyseé and Emjuso. As they say, the more the merrier, but it was also nice that there were only a few ones so we could have a nice little get- together instead.

We had a great time, talking and laughing and joking and farting and eating party treats and listening to music and taking photos.

Later the evening Suavecita drove me to Kivistö, I took the I train to Myyrmäki and went back home.

I was crashing from my sugar rush; I took my evening medicine, took a long warm shower to calm myself down, and managed to brush the front side of my teeth.

Tomorrow is the first day of November. If I manage to get up early enough, I will try my best to remember to take my medicines, brush my teeth, take a shower, and dress up into a neat and clean outfit, preferably something I haven’t worn for a while. I should also cook a proper breakfast.
I might not go visit my parents, I still have to tidy up my apartment.
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