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🌁 I had so many lovely dreams about nice things that I like, such as cute and sexy video game characters (by sexy, I mean TF2 Scout in a bondage outfit, and by cute, I mean the skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus from Undertale), riding a bicycle (usually when I have those dreams, they frustrate me because I haven't ridden my bicycle for a while), beautiful landscapes (the nature around Vantaankoski in full bloom with birds singing), helping poor people (I dreamed about a gravel pit where people brought milk and bread that you could take along).
Sometimes I wish I had dreams in the middle of the night, not in the morning because then I don't feel like getting up.

🌙 I got up at two o'clock in the afternoon, I still remember how last summer I got up early, took my morning medicine and thought of snoozing off to gather some energy, and I ended up sleeping all the way to half past six o'clock in the evening when I got up to take my evening medicine and call it night.

💊 I forgot to take my morning medicine, perhaps that's why I was in a bad mood all day even if nothing bad happened.

🍵 I went to see my parents. I drank one cup of coffee with milk and sugar, two glasses of orange juice, ate a handful of cherry tomatoes, two dark chocolate confections filled with mint fondant, and a whole freshly baked bun loaf, slice by slice.

🎃 Mom gave me 20 euros for Halloween. I didn't have the heart to ask her to order the drawer from IKEA because she seemed a bit tired.

👽 I bought a bag of cheezy poofs, and also a pink winter cap with green aliens.
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