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I managed to take my morning medicine, brush my teeth, take a shower, and dress into an outfit I haven't worn for a while now. I also managed to make myself oatmeal porridge and eat a satsuma and drink a glass of milk.

As for housework, I have been a bit exhausted and unmotivated due to staying up late and because of the Halloween holidays, so I only scrubbed the toilet bowl and replaced the towels and bed linen.

The weather was nice and calm, it was a tad bit warmer than usual and it didn't rain.

I went to see my parents today, I took a bus there and just as I arrived they were leaving to go run a few errands. I stayed for about an hour and half, and then walked to the bus station and took a bus to Myyrmäki. I have been thinking about walking to my parents' home from now on, it's very good exercise and it's nicer to look at the landscapes and street art.

Once home, I went online and logged in to the online bank service. What do you know, I had received 80 euros! I looked at my account statement, it was from the social office. I speculated it might have been next week's grocery money, which is a bit peculiar because usually I receive on Wednesdays, except on holidays. Never mind, I went to the shopping center to buy some groceries I had run out of, like tomatoes and rye bread and a couple of rubber gloves I use for housework, such as scrubbing the bathroom and washing the dishes.

I also bought wrapping paper, jewelry, hair accessories, artefacts, and some Xmas gifts for my friends, and I still have money left.

I mailed a birthday card to my friend Mirva, who has her birthday tomorrow.
My dad has his birthday on Wednesday, and Finns celebrate Father's day on next week's Sunday. My mom insists that I should send cards to her and my father by mail even if they live only a couple of miles away from me, so I also sent my dad his birthday card and Father's day card.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker will visit me at half past two o'clock in the afternoon. If I get up early enough, I will go to the gym before that.
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