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Sometimes I actually can’t help but wonder how good I am at coping; I have anxiety, depression, mania, paranoia, delusions, and right now I have PMS which just magnifies every mental not- well- being I have. And still my life continues being the same. It’s amazing.

Last night I had to swallow seven tranquilizers to fall asleep, and called my mother and a helpline, and I felt like my train of thought was racing 1,000 miles an hour.

This morning I woke up when my mother called me. She asked me if I was okay because she was worried after I had called her, and if she can come visit me at noon. I said I was okay, and that she was welcome to visit me.

I got up, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and had a wash, and dressed up into neat clothes. My home was tidy enough so I didn’t bother tidying up.

Mom came to see me at noon, she gave me two raspberry yoghurt chocolate bars, we talked about stuff and then we left at the same time to go to my parents’ home.

We had coffee and pastries, talked a bit more, and when I left, mom reminded me that she was coming along to IKEA tonight with me and my dad, we were going to purchase the new bureau of drawers we have been talking about for a while.

I went home and later the evening returned to Raappavuori on a bus. My friend Suavecita called me and asked if she can come over on Saturday, I said it was fine. It’s always nice when she comes over, we always have lots of fun and eat treats.

Me and my parents went to the IKEA department store in Espoo on dad’s car. Once there, we picked up a bureau of drawers named Kullen. I swooned at the Xmas decorations, I decided to come shopping later.

Once at my home, dad brought the box inside, I assured that Sami (my brother) is going to reassemble it. They left, and I spent most of the evening surfing on the Internet and playing Pokémon: RED.
I managed to raise my Blastoise to level 99, and raised my Psyduck into a Golduck. I also purchased a Dratini from the Rocket Game Corner, because catching one from the Safari Zone proved to be a bit hard. I also bought a Porygon.
My PokéDEX still lacks a Caterpie and Arbok, and I couldn’t manage to catch a Zapdos because I blacked out when trying to catch it.
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