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I have intended to update many times, but I have had to deal with mania and PMS and the flu.

On Saturday my best friend Suavecita visited me, she brought many treats like chocolate and crisps, we took some BFF selfies and made plans for next month.

On Saturday I also did a great deal of housework, I managed to clean up every inch of my apartment and I was very proud of myself! I still need to wash the dishes, take out the trash, iron the laundry, and take the carpet out to dust it, but otherwise everything's fine.

On Sunday it was Father's Day in Finland, I went to see my parents. I ate lots of treats and took a three- hour- nap while my parents went to an art museum.

I have had many dreams of Joey Ramone, now there's a gorgeous person. I wish I knew him in real life ♥

OMFG it's December next month!!! I am already making plans for Xmas, I am going to buy gifts for my friends and family, and I will have my 27th birthday!
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