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I had many lovely dreams about the Ramones, especially their frontman Joey, he was an angel amongst men.

I woke up pretty early, my throat burned like hell because I still had the flu. I hate getting sore throat, it’s the most annoying thing in the world. I always eat and drink a lot because I try to soothe the feeling, and I can barely swallow because my throat hurts so much.
I also had a crick in my neck. Woe is me.

My first thought was that I needed to change my pad, so I got up and put on fresh panties and fixed a clean pad into them, took my morning medicine and went back to bed to write into my diary.

Later the morning I got up, washed the crusty sleep off my eyes and decided not to brush my teeth so I wouldn’t pass the flu bugs into it.
I dressed into an outfit I haven’t worn for a while because I don’t always feel like wearing my Dirndl dresses. I have decided to wear some of my most uncommon outfits for a while, so they don’t feel left out ^_^
Today I wore a black blouse and a light purple skirt with a pattern of beautiful rockabilly women.

I went to the shopping center to buy some treats, then I went back home and just surfed on the Internet until afternoon. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t feel like spending all day inside. But I had the flu so I didn’t feel like ironing my clothes or taking out the carpet to dust it, I would only pass my flu bugs into my clothes and carpet. Bleh.
I also didn’t feel like cooking oatmeal porridge for breakfast, even if it’s very healthy. I should eat something, even if I didn’t feel like eating, to keep myself strong.

I decided to go see my parents, I called my mom and asked her if I can come over. She said it was okay, but she was leaving for a Red Cross group.

Earlier I had decided that when I go see my parents, I would walk to their home. It’s only a short walk away from my home, but right now I had the flu and I didn’t feel like tiring myself because when you’re sick, you’re supposed to rest and recharge yourself.

I went by the bus, and I felt very happy.
Once in my parents’ home, mom had left me 20 euros for groceries.
I wrote into my diary, surfed on the Internet on mom's laptop, and ate some snacks. I felt weirdly happy that they had run out of sugar, so I didn’t feel like drinking too much coffee.

I took another bus to Myyrmäki, on the bus stop a Golden retriever sniffed the hem of my skirt, I asked it “Do I smell good, sweetie?” and shared a hearty laughter with the owner.

Once home, I noticed that I had received a notification in the mail about a package waiting for me in the local post office, it was free to be picked up after three o’clock in the afternoon (3:00 p.m.) I had half an hour left.

Later the day my ASPA worker Kaarina came to visit me, we had a short talk but I didn’t find much to talk about, because my life has been okay and I have felt content, despite the flu and mania I feel in the evenings.
I told Kaarina that I had tried to take some tranquilizers I have been prescribed, to curb the mania I have felt in the evenings when I had PMS this month, but usually they affect the following day and I feel the need to take a nap. On Saturday I had taken a nap before Suavecita came to visit me, and on Sunday I took a three- hour nap when visiting my parents, mom and dad were visiting an art museum.
Taking a nap made me feel good, warm, and refreshed, but I also felt a bit disappointed because I had wasted many hours of my day, I could have done something else.

We made a new appointment on next Monday at half past one o’clock in the afternoon.
We left at the same time, I went to the shopping center and visited the post office to retrieve the package. I was happy when I noticed it was from Schlitzie, it was probably the Halloween package she had promised to send me. The package smelled of some kind of lovely perfume, she always sends the kind of packages that smell ever so lovely!

I went to Citymarket to buy a few groceries, the next time I will receive money will be on the day after tomorrow so everything will be okay for a while. I also bought a new artefact, a small Barbie doll, it’s a part of the superhero Barbie: Princess Power toy line. I think it’s Chelsea, a small girl figure with a mask and a scooter.

I went back home, took Chelsea out of the package and put it on my writing desk where I keep my artefacts. Next time I am going to buy a small mermaid Chelsea doll.

I opened the package sent by Schlitzie, there was a cute Pepper the Pinhead (she's a character from the TV show American Horror Story) pendant that I immediately put around my neck; two lovely- smelling bars of soap which came in handy because I am running out of those soap bars which I use to wash my body; two packages of hazelnut- flavoured latte powder that you mix with hot water, and a super adorable handcrafted clown doll! THANK YOU, SCHLITZIE! :D <3 I shall return the favour! And oh, I received the Etsy- ordered cute feminist sloth badges before Halloween, thank you for them too :3c

I spent the rest of the day inside my fart- smelling apartment, making plans for Xmas.
I also took out the garbage and kept the balcony door and kitchen window open to let fresh air in.

I called my brother and asked him if he can come over next weekend to assemble the bureau of drawers bought from IKEA, he said it was okay.

I made myself a cup of hazelnut latte from the small package of coffee powder Schlitzie had sent me. It tasted delicious, sweet and nutty, and also soothed my sore throat nicely.

Tomorrow I will wash my hair as the first thing in the morning, I have the hair- washing days marked into my calendar. I also have to see if I can manage to eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast, I have to eat something to stay healthy.
I will also have the youth group in Myöhätuuli in the afternoon. I am going there to write into my diary, drink lots of cocoa, and chitchat with the other visitors. It’s a shame that the visitors from last spring don’t visit anymore, except a shy and silent girl named Eija. She seems to be very moody and sulky, and a bit depressed. I have been thinking about buying her a Xmas gift.

On Wednesday I will receive money. I will buy two articles of clothes from Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping center, a pale pink blouse and a reddish- brown cardigan.
I will go to the stationery shop to buy four Geepap diaries to my diary collection, then I will buy enough groceries from Citymarket to serve me until Friday when my mom gives me the monthly 80 euros. I will use the money to recharge my travel card until next month.
On Thursday I won’t have any special appointments, I guess I’ll have to stay inside all day if I still have the flu. I could always work on my novels.
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