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Photos for everyone!

 photo 12193773_10208552322190522_6203599364180148469_n_zpssikh4zte.jpg

Friendship selfie 💕

 photo IMG_2115_zpsrtcjjch4.jpg

The pony figure that she gave me

 photo IMG_2088_zpsnappvm7o.jpg

Brofist to my big brother who is also a PewDiePie fan

 photo IMG_2118_zpsdrzcgtek.jpg

What I wore today

 photo IMG_2072_zpsbtqbe0ze.jpg

Gorgeous autumn colors

 photo IMG_2073_zpsub9khmjl.jpg

 photo IMG_2091_zpsowbhf2dm.jpg

 photo IMG_2092_zps4lz4idti.jpg

Urbane art

 photo IMG_2116_zpsya7rfgla.jpg

My new artefact

 photo il_570xN.705765861_qies_zpsw9ik32kd.jpg

The cute feminist sloth badges ♀

 photo IMG_2121_zps5eegnsod.jpg

Pepper the Pinhead (from American Horror Story seasons Asylum and Freak Show). Isn't she a darling? 😍

 photo IMG_2109_zpswmnyblde.jpg

Bars of soap

 photo IMG_2110_zpsdjzwan5y.jpg

Yummy latte! 🍵

 photo IMG_2107_zpsykm4avls.jpg

Halloween card 🎃
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