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Daily deeds

Food intake:
- Three iced lattes
- A bar of Marabou Japp chocolate (my new vice)
- Pretzel sticks at Pinky's
- An orange jelly candy picked from the Mental Health Fair

Money spending:
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Water Cutie Mark Magic figure
- The iced lattes and chocolate bar
- Spotify Premium 1 Month gift card
- Two sports brassieres
- Pair of black Sloggi Maxi panties
- Pair of black cotton tights
- Two tubes of organic, fluoride free toothpaste

- Facial muscle exercise in the evening

Good deeds:
- Told a tattooed lady that her face tattoos were gorgeous
- Visited Globe Hope store and told the salesperson that their products were amazing
- Saw a woman with the same kind of Pinkie Pie plush keyring and complimented her on it
- Helped my friend Pinky with her housework
- Planned to write people letters to cheer them up, because I receive mostly just bills or ads in the mail

- Hoovered the floor
- Kept windows open to let fresh air in
- Washed my new spray bottle (the inside of it smelled like plastic)
- Scrubbed the toilet bowl
- Replaced the face & hand towels
- Also helped a friend with housework
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