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I don't know why I get these weird feelings. Just a moment ago I was feeling very jazzy and also quite neutral, and all of a sudden I feel like I am drowning in cold, dark water. Then I feel bitter and grumpy.

I should probably do the evening routines and go to bed, but it's too early and besides, I still feel too jazzy to fall asleep.

I have decided to stop using Ketipinor as a tranquilizer. I take three 25 mg tablets every evening, my doctor also told me I can use it as a tranquilizer when needed. On Monday evening I took five of them because I was experiencing mania, and it didn't help but on Tuesday afternoon I practically fell asleep on my feet and had to take a two- hour nap, so basically it took about 20 hours before the tranquilizers took effect.

I know that food is actual healthcare, medicine is sickcare. I need to eat the right mixture of nutrients in order to maintain my physical and mental health, too bad that healthy food is very expensive these days, and I have very low appetite. I have days when I eat practically nothing, and I still don't feel hungry. Not to mention that I don't have a proper daily routine; I usually have breakfast when everyone else is having lunch.
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