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Here’s a list of Xmas gifts I am going to buy my family members:

My mom will receive three pairs of Fiskars household scissors with a Moomin design, a pair of comfy woolly socks, a small jar of face cream from BodyShop, and a “Best mom ever!” coffee mug.

My father will receive skincare products from LUSH, a Sudoku book or two, and a “Best dad ever!” coffee mug.

My brother will get something Star Wars related merchandise, perhaps a Darth Vader and a Yoda plushie, skin & haircare products from Lush and Bodyshop. And a “World’s Okayest Brother” mug from Etsy.

As for myself, I am going to buy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic duvet set, and a calendar for the next year.
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