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As I mentioned in my last entry, yesterday evening was quite nice. I ate two big chocolate bars and managed to wash the dishes.
I didn’t have the mania I usually have had in the evenings for the past few weeks, but after I went to bed I kept on waking up between hours.

I had some pretty nice dreams. After I got up at noon, I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, dressed up, and ate a decent breakfast.

I took out the garbage, mailed a card to Carol Anne, then I took a bill to the social office.
I tried to call my mom and ask her if it is okay for me to come over, but my phone said “The number you have called cannot be reached”.
And what do you know, I ran straight to my mom in Citymarket! She noticed me before I noticed her, I heard her calling my name. She straightened my cap, and I asked her if I can visit her. She said it was okay.

Mom bought some groceries, and then we took the bus 571 to Raappavuori.
Once in my parents’ home, I tried to be sociable with my mom but she didn’t seem to enjoy my company. About an hour later I left and decided to go to Helsinki, so I wouldn’t bother her anymore. Somehow I feel like I am only bothering her, even if I am her only daughter.

I walked to the Martinlaakso bus station and took the bus 435 to Helsinki. Once there, I went to visit Kiasma for a little bit, then I visited a few shops looking for Xmas presents.

Once back in Myyrmäki, I visited the library to borrow the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love that book, it inspires me to be kind to everyone so that way I can have Xmas everyday.
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