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On the 4th day of December, my true love gave to me...

I stayed awake all night once again, not because I had actually wanted to, but because I didn’t get any sleep and I didn’t feel like just tossing and turning on the bed and staring at the ceiling.
I thought I could use the time spent awake sensibly, so I brushed my teeth, washed the dishes and ironed the laundry, I felt wonderful because I spent many days feeling awful for not doing the chores, and I managed to do them in one hour during the night!

About at six o’clock in the morning I took a shower and washed my hair, I felt so clean and fresh. I took a “fresh out of the shower” selfie, I am going to post it on Sunday; that’s also when I will take “Independence day” selfie.

I was also happy that today I would be awake early enough to make it to my therapy session, which starts exactly at noon. These days my sleeping pattern ensures that I sleep all the way past noon.

I noticed that I had accidentally opened the fourth hatch of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic yesterday. I had gotten a hair clip with a small round picture of Rainbow Dash’s smiling face. Today I got a small hair band with a heart- shaped picture of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle doing the “brohoof”. On second day of December, I got tiny stickers with pictures of the main characters. I don’t know if they’re nail decals.

I decided to go to Ärrä, a convenience store in Myyrinpuhos mini- mall to buy an iced espresso and a bar of Marabou Japp chocolate.
Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t spend my money on frivolity like chocolate and coffee. It’s bad for my health and besides, I should spend the money on something smarter. Of course, it’s good to pamper yourself every once in a while, but it seems like I pamper myself too much.
And besides, when I drink espresso and eat chocolate, the yummy taste leaves my mouth in a minute. I should buy something that stays for a long time, like a nightie or a book.

I decided to make myself a decent breakfast, something I haven’t done for two weeks now. I cooked a bowl of oatmeal porridge and ate it with a glass of milk, and ate a satsuma, a carrot, a tomato, and a banana. I still don’t have much of an appetite, but I have to eat anyway.
It’s weird, I have had a low appetite for months now, and I don’t feel hungry at all. I can’t even remember the last time I felt hungry.

I surfed on the Internet, and got the feeling that I should do something else than just visit the sites I have visited many times before.

I decided to head to the pharmacy to purchase more of the anti- depression medicine I was prescribed, then I went to Citymarket to buy a bottle of Finnish hair conditioner. It’s not exactly organic or ecological, but it’s better than nothing.

When I came home, I washed my face and anointed it with basic lotion. My eyes were red and sore, it’s because I stayed awake for the whole night. My face was pale, like porcelain, and my hair was fluffy, and I thought I looked very pretty.

I spent most of the morning surfing on the Internet and writing into my diary until it was ten o’clock, that’s when the bank is opened. I went there to withdraw cash and ask for a piggy bank; I have decided that from now on, when I take the empty iced espresso bottles to recycling, I am going to put the coins made from there into my piggy bank, not into my wallet.

I didn’t make it to the bus 39, so I took the bus 560 to Rastila. Originally I wanted to get off the bus at Mellunmäki, but I guess the bus has been rerouted. Nevertheless, I took a subway from Rastila to Kamppi, and arrived to my therapist’s office just in time.

We had a nice talk, and made a new appointment on next Thursday at half past eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

I called my mom and asked her if I can come over, she said it was fine. I took the bus 322 to Vantaankoski because I didn’t feel like waiting for the next bus to Martinlaakso.

Once in my parents’ home, mom was knitting and watching TV. I made coffee, drank orange juice, ate cashew nuts and cherry tomatoes.
We talked about stuff and joked around, and later when I left she adjusted my cap.

I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki and visited the library. I read another translation Finnish of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and decided to use the online library service to request the sixth season of Doctor Who (the one that includes the 11th regeneration) on DVD to be delivered to the local library so I can lend it.
I also noticed that American Horror Story: Freak show is soon to be available on DVD as well from the library service, I already placed a request on it.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and I bought a purple magic ink pen from a stationery shop. It’s not actually magical, but it has ink that can be erased.

Once back home, I drew the curtains because it was getting dark outside.
I made a few phone calls to Elyseé and Suavecita about tomorrow’s pre- Xmas party at Heidi’s home, we agreed the time and place where Suavecita is going to pick us up, she will drive us to Heidi’s.

I decided to watch the movie Watchmen on Netflix, it seems amazing, very colourful and surreal. But anyway, I didn’t feel like watching it all the way to the end because I had to go to the shopping center to return bottles.
I made a euro and twenty cents, once home I put them into my piggy bank. Then I put the rest of my change into the piggy bank.

Tomorrow I will go to Heidi’s Xmas party with Suavecita and Elyseé.
I don’t feel like doing the housework today, I feel a bit off after staying awake all night.
Tomorrow, if I am awake early enough, I will go to the gym. And perhaps I’ll manage doing the basic housework, like hoovering the floor and scrubbing the toilet bowl.
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