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I have been a bit unhappy for the past week, despite the fact that it's Xmas. I don't know what sort of a back- room deal went down, but suddenly I just stopped giving a fuck about trivial things (like brushing my teeth, taking my medicine, washing my hair) and realized how important it is to give a fuck about trivial things.
I can't even remember the last time I ate a proper breakfast or visited the gym.

I know that the life of a mentally ill person goes like that, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But I just wish that no matter how depressed or anxious I am, I would still find enough energy to take good care of myself. Everyone else can do it, why not me?

It's just that now that it's winter here in Finland, there's very little sunlight and there's no snow at all to illuminate the light, my serotonin amount is pretty low, and I sleep late because usually I like to get up when it's light outside. Nowadays I may sleep all the way to three o'clock in the afternoon, and I barely feel like brushing my teeth or eating breakfast at that time of the day.

Setting the negative things aside, I received an Xmas & birthday package this week, it was from sweetcarolanne :3 There was a strawberry- flavored Hello Kitty lip balm, I decided to use it as my "bedside lipbalm", that is, when I am in bed and my lips need moisturizing, I don't have to get up when I keep the lipbalm in my bedside drawer! I also received a cute and sweet notebook, pink with pictures of puppy dogs and kitty cats, and a Jenny Lee & Elvira necklace (they were two microcephalic entertainers from a "freak show", me and Carol Anne both adore them), a bling bling Hello Kitty necklace, some honeysuckle- scented satchels, and chocolate :D I practically bounced on the walls out of pure happiness, and decided to send her a package next year ^_^

I have also managed to save a lot of change into my piggy bank, or actually elephanty bank :D
I might open a savings account into a different bank than my deposit account, so I won't be too eager to withdraw all the money too soon.

The skin between my nose and upper lip is red and flaky, I don't know why because I use skin lotion on it very often.

I went to see my nurse today, I could say I almost love her like a friend because she is very gentle and understanding. She gave me a needed boost to my self- esteem, and I left the clinic in high spirits, thanking Goddess for all the good people.

I went to see my mom, she had told me she would leave me the monthly 80 euros she usually gives me every 15th day, but next week she will be travel to the Canary Islands with dad. They will return in time for Xmas.

My mom told me not to buy Xmas gifts for my family; her, dad, and my big bro, but then again, I want to buy them something nice that they would love. Not just random crap, but something useful. My mom needs new household scissors, and my brother would probably like new socks or gloves to keep him warm.

I have lost one of the piercing rings from my ears, one in the second piercing in my right ear. On 22nd day, if Tattoo Dungeon is open, I will visit there and pay Pärkele the partial payment for the piercing rings he fitted into my ears last year, and then ask him to put new piercing rings that don't fall off too easily.

I managed to brush my teeth this evening, and also take my medicine. I washed my face with my new facial cleaner, and also decided to wash my hair since it was a bit greasy and unkempt.
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