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Last Friday my right shoulder started aching, for no reason at all. At first it ached only when I flexed it, but now I feel it all the time, even in rest. It feels like some sort of inflammation. Sometimes it burns so much that I grimace.
I took painkillers for it, but they never help. I bought Voltaren gel, I’m supposed to spread it on the inflamed area every morning and evening, but I don’t always remember to use it.
I have been thinking of visiting the health center, but this week I have a busy schedule for every day, and besides, when I finally manage to get up from my bed, the health center is closed. And soon it will be the holidays. Oh well.

Last night I had a dream where I was in a small Chinese trinket shop, which also worked as a nursing home. I felt awkward as I usually feel when I am amongst other people in shops.
I found a shelf that looked like the stacks of boxes of pick’n’mix candies. There were Pikachu plushies, Balloonicorn plushies, and weird statues of Pokémon that looked like a mix of Pikachu and Raichu. I wanted to buy one, but it turned out to be a music box that played wedding march.
In another dream I played the video game Silent Hill: Downpour.

I woke up early, but snoozed off a bit later. I remembered that my ASPA worker Kaarina was coming to visit me today, she called me and told me she is going to be a bit late.

I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up and dabbed some lotion on my face.
I was surfing on the Internet when she came over; we talked about things and stuff, and made a new appointment for next Monday at half past two o’clock in the afternoon.

I left at the same time with her, I went to the bank to open my piggy bank and took along the coins. I knew I was going to spend it on chocolate and coffee.

I went back home and cheered myself up by listening to music. Later the day I went to the library, I was supposed to meet Emjuso there.
She arrived soon, and gave me a birthday gift; it was a small toucan plushie that you could color with felt- tip pens!

We went to the shopping center and bought cups of coffee, hung around from shop to shop, and then we went to my home. We drank tea and I ironed some clothes.

Later the day we went back to the shopping center, Emjuso went to see Norppa and I visited Citymarket to buy a carton of milk.

I went to visit my parents’ home and brought the carton of milk along so I can drink coffee with it. I drank so much coffee that I felt all giggly, then I went home on the bus 565.

In the evening I managed to brush my teeth and take a shower.

Tomorrow I will go to this Xmas party in Tikkurila, it is arranged by ASPA. After that I will go to the youth group in Myöhätuuli.
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