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Last night I managed to brush my teeth after taking my evening medicine. It’s so weird being mentally ill, everyday chores like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes feel like hard work, when for everyone else it’s just a daily deed like anything.

I have made the decision to brush my teeth right after taking my medicine in the mornings and evenings. In the mornings I won’t eat breakfast before brushing my teeth, and in the evenings I won’t eat anything after brushing my teeth.
I just don’t seem to be quite good at following my own rules.

I had a dream where my dad gave me 50 euros, and I used it to buy a Monster High doll named Gooliope Jellington. I had recently seen it the toy shelf in Citymarket, I think it’s supposed to be the daughter of the Blob or some other giant jelly monster.
In the dream I was in my home yard, right next to the water post, it was a dark night and there was no snow, I was holding the Monster High doll and I also had a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”water cutie” figure, the ones that have water and glitter inside them, I think it was the Lily Blossom figure I have wanted for a while. For some reason the pony figure’s head was shaped like a real horse’s head is shaped.

I woke up, feeling like I had had a nightmare. I got up and went to the bathroom to pee, I had drunk plenty of coffee last night and my pee smelled a bit acidic. I took my morning medicine even if it was only quarter past two o’clock in the morning, and then went back to bed.

I slept all the way to afternoon, received a text message from my phone operator, and had to get up at one o’clock in the afternoon when my alarm clock rang. It was because I was supposed to have an Xmas party in the new ASPA office in Tikkurila.

I went to pee again, dabbed lotion on my face, and put on the first dress I found from my wardrobe. It was a red button- up dress with a pattern of white hearts, I think it fits the Xmas spirit.

I went to Citymarket to buy a bar of Marabou Japp chocolate, and a bottle of iced coffee. I used up my last coins on it.

I took the P train to Tikkurila and went to the ASPA office. My older brother was also there.
I drank coffee and ate a plum tart and some chocolate confections.

Later the day I took the bus 571 to Pähkinärinne, and went to Myöhätuuli. The others were having a song contest; each one chooses a song that one of the counsellors plays on YouTube on their iPad, and we give them points. I chose Saber Dance by Hatsaturjan.
The one chosen by the counsellor, Show must go on by Queen, won the contest.

I drank a cup of coffee and a cup of cocoa and wrote into my diary.

Later the day, I took the bus 311 to Myyrmäki and went home.

For some reason, I was in a terribly angry and manic mood, and I didn’t know why. I had had a good day, and remembered to take my medicine.

Tomorrow I would receive money. Me and Suavecita had agreed to go to Horror Shop together.
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