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Last night when I went to bed I felt anxious and manic, and I didn’t even realize why.
I had eaten a nutritious breakfast (a bowl of oatmeal porridge, a banana and a satsuma and a tomato, and a glass of milk), I had already had my menses this month so it wasn’t my PMS, I had taken my prescription medicine both in the morning and evening, my shoulder didn’t hurt anymore, I drank only two cups of coffee so it wasn’t a caffeine high, and I had had a nice day without any drama.
Not to mention that I had received a package from Pepita and an Xmas card from my grandmummy.

I didn’t bother with dressing my bed in fresh sheets, so it felt kind of uncomfortable.
I tossed and turned and kept on moaning to myself, my legs felt stiff, I had to swallow a handful of tranquillizers, but they didn’t help me. The tranquillizers never help me the way I want; they just make my body rigid and my mind keeps on going about 1,000 miles an hour.
During the drug- induced haze I felt sorry for my parents, but I knew they would always love me.

Me and Suavecita had our birthday party today. Actually Suavecita’s birthday is on December 23rd, and mine is on December 28th, but we decided to have our birthday party today and invite people over because during the Xmas week most people will probably be visiting their families and such.

I woke up with a terrible need to pee, I felt like my bladder ballooned through my stomach.
I got up after midday, and didn’t bother with the morning routines as usual. I took my morning medicine, anointed my face with basic lotion, and put on my favourite outfit; a Dirndl dress and a stripy blouse.

And what do you know, no one of the invited guests turned up, except my friend Mirette whom I met in Girls’ House.
We talked about stuff, ate candy and cheezy puffs, and later the day Suavecita turned up.
We had agreed that Suavecita will spend the night at my place. Mirette was going to stay too, because it’s dangerous to go home during a cold dark evening, especially when you live in a ghetto like Myyrmäki. You probably understand.
Suavecita brought tons of party treats; candy, crisps, potato snacks, coca- cola, and some alcoholic drinks, and also some groceries like milk and bread.
We took photos of ourselves, laughed and joked and talked and listened to music. It turned out to be an awesome party, or more like just a nice little get- together. They are far better than those crazy parties.

At eight o’clock in the evening I took my evening medicine, brushed my teeth, took a shower, and put on a nightie. I felt so clean and fresh, I should do the same routine each day. I have been thinking of buying those tiny brushes you use to brush between your teeth; I should brush between my teeth each day and then brush my teeth as usual.

Mirette will sleep on my bed, me and Suavecita will sleep on the sofa- bed together.
Tomorrow I will start tidying up my apartment, and continue till Tuesday when I go to my parents’ home for Xmas. I want my apartment to be clean when I come home.
My parents will come home tomorrow from their vacation in Canary Islands, they were supposed to come home today but their flight was delayed. I won’t go visit them because I want them to have a good sleep, they will probably have jetlag.
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