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🌻 I have decided to buy some of those tiny brushes you use to clean between your tooth gaps, they look more like bottle brushes than toothbrushes. I will clean between my teeth each day and then brush my teeth.
I couldn’t make up my mind whether I should do it in the evening or morning, so I decided to do it in the middle of my waking hours.

🌺 One of my favorite clothing shops, named Urban Ears (it’s a pop- up design clothing shop on Iso- Roobertinkatu in Erottaja) is going to be closed soon. Next week I am going there to buy a purple shirt with a text “Iggy is my grandpa” and perhaps some ankle socks.

🌹 I am also going to buy a new blouse, a blue knitted blouse with some applique pictures of red robins, and red wooden pearls as rowan berries. It’s for sale in the UFF thrift shop on Iso- Roba. When Suavecita saw it during our last shopping trip on Wednesday, she commented that it’s truly something that I would wear.

🌸 I should go see this movie named Onnelin ja Annelin talvi (“Onneli’s & Anneli’s winter”), it’s a sequel to this movie where two 10- year- old friends, Onneli and Anneli, move in to a house of their won. The new movie is about the winter they spend there.
I have wanted to go see it for a long time, but never got a change. My days are really busy these days and besides, movie tickets are diddly- darn expensive these days, 11 euros!
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