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My plans for Monday, November 21st - Sunday, November 27th:

Monday, December 21st:
I will spend most of the day tidying up my home, so it will be pleasant to return to after the Xmas holidays.
I need to wash the dishes, hoover and mop the floor even from under the furniture, take the carpets out to dust them, take out the recycling, keep the windows open to let fresh air in, swab the kitchen counter, writing desk and drawer, and put my stuff in better order.

Tuesday, December 22nd:
I will receive 108,83 euros, my monthly welfare. I should also visit my weekly allowance, which is 80 euros.
I will go visit Horror Shop and pay Pärkele 45 euros as the rest of the partial payment for my earlobe piercings.
I will go see the movie Onnelin ja Annelin talvi, after that I will visit the eco- market Ruohonjuuri to buy a Lunette mooncup. I will also visit UFF thrift shop to buy a new blouse, and Urban Ears next door to buy an “Iggy is my Grandpa” shirt.
I will visit Myyrmanni shopping center and buy a trolley cart from Citymarket to use as a suitcase for travelling.
I will pack my stuff (laptop, spare clothes, filled- up Dosett, toothbrush and other hygiene products) and go to my parents’ home for the Xmas holidays.

Wednesday, December 23rd:
It will be my best friend Suavecita’s 27th birthday!
I will help my parents with the Xmas preparations.

Thursday, December 24th:
Me and my family will probably do the usual routines; eat rice porridge for breakfast, go visit Hietaniemi burial site to light a candle at my maternal grandparents’ grave, and then have a huge Xmas feast!

Friday, December 25th:
I will probably spend the day taking naps and writing.

Saturday, December 26th:

Sunday, December 27th:
I will go back to my own home.
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