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I managed to wash the dishes in the evening, and I slept very well even if I did drink coffee with my supper.

I had a dream where I went to a hospital to have an abortion, and I felt nervous.
To be honest, I believe that should I have an abortion at some point of my life, the only thing to be nervous about would be whether I would be allowed to have an abortion.

I got up at half past nine o’clock in the morning, which surprised me because it was early in my standards.

I took my morning medicine, and noticed that I am running out of a prescription medicine named Ketipinor which I take in the evenings. I called the psychiatric clinic and asked the secretary to renew my prescription, she told me it’s going to be renewed this week. Whew.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, took a shower, and dressed into the first outfit I found from the cupboard; a black sweater with a white The Ramones logo and a pair of pink Hello Kitty fleece pants.
I have oodles of lovely clothes, but most of them are “summer- y” and some are supposed to be worn with other clothes, otherwise I won’t wear them. I guess the only solution is to get more clothes, but I don’t mind since I love clothes and I love shopping for them. I have made a list of clothes I want to buy, the only thing preventing me is the cost.

I spent the noon by writing my diary and drinking coffee, until I decided to go out for errands.
First I took out the trash, I have decided to take it out more often.
I mailed an Xmas card to my darling grandmummy, and late birthday cards to Elyseé and Lauski.
I went to S- Market in Iso- Myyri shopping center to return bottles, and made 4 euros and 70 cents. I used them to buy two cans of milk, and also recycled the light bulb and used batteries in the same shop.
I went to the social office to drop off two bills, and then went back home.

My ASPA worker Kaarina came to visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, like we had agreed. I was glad that I didn’t sleep all the way to the afternoon, and that I managed to spend a full hour talking to Kaarina. Usually when she visits me I am too sleepy and too morose to talk to her, but this time I felt perkier and happier.
We agreed to meet again next Monday at the same time. After she left, I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.

I decided to walk because I felt like some exercise and fresh air would do me good; I have decided that I should go out every day for recreational purposes, not only because of errands, but for bike rides and walks and such.
After leaving, I took out some more trash.

Once in my parents’ home, I made coffee, ate some cashew nuts, drank orange juice, and ate some Xmas chocolates that mom had bought. I told mom I would like to knit something, she loves knitting.
Me and mom talked about Xmas, and we agreed that I should come over for the holidays on Wednesday. At first I had thought about coming over tomorrow, but then again, like mom said, I would only get bored and besides I don’t want to bother my parents while they prepare for Xmas. That’s fine for me, I am going to spend tomorrow shopping and I also need to go to movies.

Later the evening I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki, and visited Myyrmanni shopping center.
I went to Hennes & Mauritz to swoon at the gorgeous clothes and jewellery; I had decided to buy a pair of black trousers, a long- sleeved & short- hemmed dress made of green cotton lace, and the birthstone necklace. I also have tons of other clothes I want to buy; I have had my eye on them ever since autumn. I have decided not to be too choosy, I will buy each and every single item of clothing that has caught my eye, preferably one a week. It’s good that H&M has very affordable prices.
The aforementioned shop has two floors, unlike any other shop in the aforementioned shopping center. On the second floor they have all kinds of gorgeous clothes that I have decided to buy, especially now that the discount sales or whatever they are called, have begun.

I also visited the stationery shop to look for notebooks and some Xmas presents for my friends, and BR Lelut to look for toys I could use as artefacts.

I remembered to visit Citymarket to look for the kind of a toothbrush that you use to brush between your teeth, and I found some. I’m going to buy them tomorrow as well, and take up this new habit of brushing between my teeth during daytime, and then brushing my teeth as usual.

Once back home, it was getting late. I thought about it and decided that from now on I am going to take my evening medicine at nine o’clock, and do the evening routines after that.

My nose itches, even if I haven’t eaten chocolate today.

Tomorrow I will receive the monthly allowance, or actually guarantee welfare, it’s about 108 euros and 85 cents. And considering that Wednesday, when I usually receive my weekly allowance from the social office, probably won’t be a business day as it is almost Xmas so here’s to hoping I will receive both allowances tomorrow.
I will go to the movies to see Onnelin ja Annelin talvi (“Onneli’s & Anneli’s winter”, it’s a sequel to a movie based on a children’s book about two girls who move into a house of their own. I read the book when I was younger, and I went to see the first movie a few years ago) on my way there I will visit Pärkele in Horror Shop and pay him for the piercing rings he fitted into my ears a year ago.

I also need to buy the trousers I mentioned, and the green dress which I am going to wear on my family’s Xmas feast, and perhaps the birthstone necklace as well so I can wear it with the dress.
I also need to buy a trolley cart to use as a suitcase, Citymarket has some decent ones (and they come in an adorkable pink color!) and they are in discount right now.
Another thing I absolutely need to buy is a Mooncup, I have wanted to purchase one for a long time but never got a change since they are a bit expensive.

I noticed that during weekend when I had fun with my friends, I didn’t have delusions and I didn’t feel grumpy at all; and today, even if I felt grumpy and delusional, I felt strangely happy. And I know that tomorrow, when I go to see a movie and do some shopping, I will feel happy as well.
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