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I woke up early in the morning after having really bizarre dreams. It was still dark outside.
I fell back asleep and had another extremely bizarre dream, after waking up I decided to get up immediately because I didn’t feel like having my mind fucked up because of the dreams.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face, dressed up into a punky t- shirt and a pair of pyjama pants, and surfed on the Internet for most of the morning. I didn’t bother with breakfast or working out or beginning to do the housework I do every weekend.

I noticed I had received a virtual gift from my friend sweetcarolanne, a cute magic pony named Blinkie! You can go check it out in my profile.

I decided to call my mother and ask her if I can come over to visit them, she said yes. I have agreed with my mother that I will visit them after noon on days when I go visit them, but then again, it was only eleven o’clock and I didn’t feel like waiting. And mom already said it was okay.

When I went out, I noticed that it was an absolutely beautiful sunny day outside, and it was also very cold and there was powdery snow on the ground.

I took the bus 335 to Raappavuori, once in my parents’ home I helped mom with loading the dishwasher, and popped to Alepa to buy two liters of milk.

I ate some chocolates and drank coffee, later the day my parents went grocery shopping and I decided to leave.

I had to do some discreet shopping today with the money I had received from my grandmummy as an Xmas present.
I was thinking about going to Myyrmanni shopping center, but while waiting for the next bus to Myyrmäki, the bus 421 to Helsinki arrived first so I went there.
I visited my favorite eco- market in Kamppi, I bought two wooden dishwashing brushes and four replaceable brush heads that are biodegradable as well.
I was thinking of visiting a fancy dress shop named Aprilli right next to the eco- market, I wanted to buy a pair of 70’s sunglasses, but the aforementioned shop is closed on Sundays. I really need sunglasses because the snow reflects sunlight and makes my eyes hurt.
I went to the supermarket on Eliel Square to buy a tube of honey, a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and a packet of baking soda. I found a pair of sunglasses but they cost almost 20 euros and it was too much for my budget.

I took the P train to Myyrmäki, once home I flossed my teeth and brushed them (I have taken up the habit of brushing my teeth three times a day, and using dental floss on the second time).
I also washed my hair with the baking soda, I mixed it with warm water in a measuring cup. I wetted my hair and poured the mixture into my hair, massaging it in, but it proved to be such a fuss. I felt it sting in the small scabs in my scalp and in the hangnails of my fingers, there was baking soda everywhere in the bathroom, but at least my hair looked really neat and clean.
I decided to keep on using organic shampoo because baking soda proved really hard to use as shampoo. And besides, I don’t think organic, natural, cruelty- free shampoos are any more toxic than the regular ones.

I hoovered and mopped the visible part of the floor, washed a load of laundry, and then I decided to have a break. I called my mom and asked her if it’s okay that I visit again, she said yes and didn’t sound tired or angry.

It was getting dark outside, and I felt guilty for not going for a walk since it had been such a blessed day. I miss the warm days when it was grey and rainy and I didn’t feel guilty for staying inside all day.

I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori, once in my parents’ home everything was alright. I ate some chocolates and drank coffee and wrote into my diary, and kissed and hugged both of my momsie and dadsicle goodbye and told them I will visit next week.

I took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki and went to Myyrmanni shopping center to spend time, and what do you know, I felt my old friend Creepy Moment returning; it’s when my blood sugar gets so low I start hallucinating.
It’s been years when I got the last Creepy Moment on the exact day when I moved into this apartment.

I tried to keep it cool and visited a few shops to look at stuff, then I went home and managed to hoover and mop the floor under the furniture, and wash three loads of laundry; first the towels and bed sheets, then underwear and other important textiles, and then regular clothes.

I am going to sleep on the sofa- bed tonight because my mattress, pillow, and blanket are on the balcony getting aired. Actually I’m glad the temperature is below zero tonight, it will kill the bed bugs if there are some.

I will be 27 years old tomorrow, and I feel so young!
I don’t know if my ASPA worker is going to visit me, but I am going to run some errands; I need to take my phone bill to the social office, recycle empty bottles, and continue doing housework. I need to scrub the bathroom, swab the writing desk and kitchen counters, take out the recycling, and take my carpet and mattress out to dust them.
It’s been months ever since the last time I dusted the carpet, so I better dust it now, and I also need to take it to Mattolaituri to have it cleaned, it’s a dry cleaner that specialises in carpets and such. The white stripes of the carpet have turned yellowish, and it also smells a bit unpleasant.
Girls’ House isn’t open until January 11th, but I hope that Amos Anderson art museum will be open tomorrow so I can go there.
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