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My plans for Monday, December 28th - Sunday, January 3rd

Monday, December 28th:
It’s my 27th birthday! My ASPA worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon. I am going to run some errands and finish the rest of the weekly housework.

Tuesday, December 29th:
Nothing special yet. I will probably go visit my mother and go to some art museums.

Wednesday, December 30th:
I will receive money. The first thing to do today is to pay for my monthly Netflix subscription, and then go to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money, and buy the weekly groceries.
If I have money left, I will buy one notebook, one article of clothing, one piece of jewellery, one gift for a friend, and something from Horror Shop.
If I can afford it, I will go to movies to see Onnelin ja Annelin talvi.

Thursday, December 31st:
Nothing special yet.

Friday, January 1st:
I will go visit my parents for most of the day. Because the shops, art museums, libraries and such are closed, I won’t have anything special to do.

Saturday, January 2nd:
I will do the weekly housework.

Sunday, January 3rd:
I will go visit my parents.
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