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Last night I went to sleep approximately at ten minutes past midnight, I had such fun time on the Internet and it took a while before my evening medicine started affecting. I also enjoyed knitting to the point where the palms of my hands started aching.

I slept pretty well, and I had a dream about the Jerry Spinelli novel series Stargirl.
I had a dream about Kellokoski, a town where resides the psychiatric hospital where I was treated years ago. In the dream it was a beautiful sunny summer evening, I was wandering outside knowing that I had to go back to the ward and I was wondering if I could apply for a weekend off.
There was a huge colourful bird eating out of a garbage can, I was scared because it was actually a bird of prey. When I made it to the yard, a lion started chasing after me and I ran to the hospital, and noticed that I was in the wrong ward.
When I woke up, I felt miserable. It was only a few minutes to five o’clock in the morning but decided to get up anyway, I didn’t feel like having any more nightmares.
To be honest, the dream was actually a bit silly, but it managed to make me feel miserable.
I took my morning medicine, put my nightshirt into the laundry basket and wore a bathrobe, and went back to bed. I took my laptop along, and also my knitting.

Later I fell back asleep, and snoozed all the way to the afternoon. I didn’t have any nightmares but I had very bizarre dreams.

I woke up when my smartphone rang, it was my ASPA worker Kaarina who asked me if it’s okay that the substitute worker visits me next week about 15 minutes earlier. I said yes, and went back to bed.

I got up later in the afternoon, put on clothes and went to the shopping center and the library to spend time, and took three bags of clothes and other stuff to a charity shop.
I also bought two bars of Marabou Japp chocolate; I have become addicted to chocolate again, and it won’t be long until my mom starts complaining that I have gained weight.

I went back home, washed two loads of laundry, took out the recycling and also chucked my old, cracked laundry basket into the trash; I used to have two laundry baskets, one for clothes and one for linen. I can make do with only one laundry basket, the one used for linen.
I also fetched my clean bed sheets from the drying room.

I tried watching Doctor Who on Netflix, and I realized that it’s missing the episode where Tennant!Doctor regenerates into Smith!Doctor. I don’t know why.
I tried watching the first episode with Smith!Doctor, but it pissed me off how much of an asshole he was.
Instead, I watched Supernatural all the way to midnight, while knitting.

Sometimes I think I am more close to my blog, than my real- life paper diaries.
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