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I slept pretty well, even if I had some bizarre dreams again. I woke up early and wondered if I should get up, but I thought that I am not ready to do the morning routines yet. Besides, it was still dark outside; I usually get up when the sun has risen.

I had another dream; I was in this carnival in Helsinki, it was a beautiful sunny day and I tried to enjoy myself even if I knew I had no money.
Suddenly the day turned into a snowy evening. I wandered to the motor road without even noticing the speeding cars, turned my face to the darkening sky and let out a huge scream without even hearing it, and I was hit by a car and I didn’t feel anything, except I whispered “Mother…”. Then I woke up.

I didn’t feel like having any more screwball dreams, so I decided to get up. I also managed to do all the morning routines; I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and washed my face, put lotion on my skin, and put on clean clothes. At first I put on a My Little Pony shirt, but I decided it would be too cold outside, so I put on a long- sleeved indie blouse.

I turned on my laptop to surf on the Internet, and didn’t bother with breakfast.
Later my doorbell rang, it was the ASPA worker’s substitute who came to visit me.
We had a nice talk and I tidied up my apartment a bit. I have noticed that now that I don’t have much emotional crises anymore, I don’t have much to talk about.
We went out at the same time, I headed to the shopping center. It was bitterly cold outside, but I enjoyed the sunshine.

I visited Citymarket to buy knitting yarn, and then Glitter to buy a piece of jewellery for one of my friends as a present. I also bought some nummy treats.

I headed back home to nom on the treats, knit the scarf and wrap up the gifts. To be honest, I felt like I was wasting my time, but then I remembered what John Lennon said: “The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted”.
Then it was time to go see my nurse, we had an appointment today at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Once in the psychiatric clinic, I had a nice talk with her. I really enjoy talking to Saija, she never mocks me or makes me feel bad about myself.
Saija attempted to call the local health center in my behalf to make an appointment with my doctor, so I can have a routine health check- up. The phone call was disconnected, and later the same worker from the health center called me and told me that all the appointments with my regular doctor are taken, and that they will send me a text message once there’s a free one. (I know my English is not perfect, hopefully you understood that sentence) It’s always the same in the beginning of each year. She also told me to tell Saija that she’s sorry for accidentally disconnecting the call. I told her, and everything was okay again.

Me and Saija made a new appointment on February 2nd.
I went to the shopping center again and visited BR Lelut to buy some figurines; a toddler princess, a mermaid, a dinosaur, and a fourth one that I seemingly forgot. I also noticed that they have My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bedsheets in discount, I might buy a pair and another for one of my pegasis friends.

I also went to Hennes & Mauritz and bought two chenille blouses, one black with golden, turquoise and pink glitter, and one with bluish black glitter.
Once back home, I put the stuffs to their rightful places; the figurines to my nightstand, and the chenille blouses to the laundry basket.
I decided to wash my backpack and the small bags and purses inside it, those that are actually machine washable. I have organic laundry detergent that smells like wildflowers, it’s a very uplifting scent.

I have just been shopping all day, and I also visited a café to write into my diary.
I really should have done housework, I can do them on Wednesday when it’s going to be a bank holiday and after all, Wednesdays are my usual housework days.
I am going to take out the carpet and dust it, take out the recycling, swab my writing desk and kitchen counter with a damp cloth, and also scrub the bathroom.

Tomorrow I might receive the weekly allowance, considering that Wednesday is Epiphany which is a bank holiday. I am going to pay a couple of bills; one is the monthly partial payment for my current laptop and USB dongle, and the other is a phone bill that I forgot to take to the social office. The bill is due today, but I think it won’t be a trouble if I pay it tomorrow.
I have groceries left and they haven’t gone bad yet, so I might buy something else with the rest of the money.
I need to purchase the MLP:FIM bedsheets, and I also need to buy hygiene products from the eco- market. I need laundry detergent, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand soap, and a soap bar. I bet I can find all of them from Ruohonjuuri, or perhaps Ekolo. I also need to buy those interdental toothbrushes, now that Citymarket finally has them in Extra Small.
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