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My smartphone alarm woke me up at nine o’clock in the morning, I turned it off and went back to bed. Later I got up approximately at 10:48 in the morning.
I had had bad dreams; all the trees in my hometown were cut down in order to build fancy houses for rich people. It’s already happening in my hometown.
I took my morning medicine, and put on the pine green long- sleeved lace dress I had worn during Xmas, and turned on my laptop to log in to the online bank service. I had received 85 euros.

I went to the bank to withdraw the money, then I went to the Myyrmanni shopping center and used the cash point to print out my account statement, and then went to the social office to fill out some forms.
There was plenty of people in the social office, from all walks of life. There was a TV bolted to the wall, it showed a talk show where local ex- celebrities talked about exercising, low- fat yoghurt and face masks.
I fished a mechanical pencil out of my pencil case (I need to get a new pencil case) and noticed that I had picked the wrong form, it was for announcing your new bank account. I picked a new form, and hoped it was the right one.
I filled it out as well as I could, and almost forgot to sign it. I gave it to the receptionist, the one who is very jolly and friendly. I told him it’s for receiving a coupon to buy an expensive prescription medicine.

It was cold outside, but I barely noticed it.

After that, I went to the toy shop and bought a My Little Pony duvet set. Then I went to Glitter and bought a pendant, it’s like a silver- plated frame with pink glass jewels.
I also visited Citymarket to buy a carton of milk, and some of my favorite treats.
Underpants were in discount, so I bought tree pink ones and three mint green ones.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry and scrubbed the toilet bowl.

I decided to head out again, this time to Helsinki.

I caught the bus 560 to Mellunmäki, then the subway to Kaisaniemi. I visited the euro shop, and noticed that they had some knockoff My Little Pony figures and other nice and sweet and cute things for sale, I decided to buy them on Friday when I would receive more monies.
I took a subway to Kamppi, and visited the stationery shop to swoon at the new selection of diaries, and jewel stickers that were in discount.
I took another subway to the Central Railway Station, and visited Cybershop.

I took the P train to Myyrmäki and went home. It was getting late, so I took my evening medicine and noticed that I don’t have any of the Solian medicine left for tomorrow; then I realized that I still have one foil left in cosmetics purse. I had enough of the aforementioned medicine left until next Wednesday, and hopefully I would get more tomorrow.
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