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The Valentine's day gifts I received from Carol Anne

 photo IMG_2175_zpswyljw1jo.jpg

A bar of organic soap that smells lovely ^_^

 photo IMG_2177_zpslmokygsb.jpg

A tube of hand lotion that also smells lovely! :D

 photo IMG_2181_zpswetwa0wp.jpg

Strawberry- flavoured Hello Kitty lip balm, to keep my lips kissable :3

 photo IMG_2179_zpsfen5xgeg.jpg

Strawberry bracelet

 photo IMG_2178_zpsj1mmrmq2.jpg

Joey Ramone felt doll, what a cutie!

 photo IMG_2182_zpsrcoyefrz.jpg

Hello Kitty magic towel, the kind that you put into a bowl of warm water and it unfolds into a small face & hand towel

 photo IMG_2183_zps53gqg8sa.jpg

And the cards, the black & white one was her Valentine's day card and the one on the left one with the space needle is from Sandra, a late birthday card :)

And oh, I also received a small bag of Hershey's sugar- free chocolates, but I ate every single one of them immediately, nom nom nom >:3

THANK YOU, MY LOVELY AWESOME FRIENDS! I love each and every single one of you!
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