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I realized that during the last few days, or more like nights, I have had dreams about Jon Pertwee, the sexy grandpa who portrayed the 3rd Doctor Who.
In another dream, I visited a commune and I was so enthralled that I decided to move to a commune once I woke up. But then I realized that I have already got a lovely, cosy apartment, and besides I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy living in a commune considering that when I lived in Casa Franca, I had to deal with cleaning up other people’s messes and tolerating the constant relationship dramas between other people. If it wasn’t for Elyseé and Lauski, I would have lost my mind.
In another dream, I lost my massive CD collection and I was unhappy about it.
I also had dreams about Rautalampi (“iron lake”, where my mother and her parents were born) and Tampere (the biggest town in Finland, where my father and his sisters used to live).

I got up at half past eleven o’clock in the morning, and realized that I have gotten up from my bed at the same time for the last few days, including having dreams about Jon Pertwee.

It had snowed during the night, but the snow melted into slush right away.

I went to the bathroom, took my morning medicine, emptied my MoonCup, brushed my teeth, had a wash, and dressed up. I wore a fuschia- and purple striped shirt, and a purple Dirndl dress, and put a necklace with a pink heart- shaped plastic jewel around my neck.
I have many necklaces that have a pink heart.

I peeked into the bureau drawer where I keep my CDs, just to make sure they were still there. I could practically hear them snickering at my worry.

I heard the mail slot flap open and close. It took me a while to find it, but I found a scarlet envelope, the sender was Sandra. I opened it and there was a cute little card, a picture of the robot bros from Star Wars; C3PO, BB-8, and R2D2, and a small letter. Thank you, my cutie!

I had some coffee, checked my e- mails, Tumblr, and Facebook, and started thinking that I should go to the Valentine’s day party at Myöhätuuli (it’s a play on the word “myötätuuli”, which means “fair wind”. With the aitch it means “late wind”).
I googled “myöhätuuli” and found the home page of the Hyvät Tuulet (a pun, it could mean “good winds” or “happy moods”) organization. I accidentally called Lauhatuuli (“gentle wind” or “calm mood”) which is in another part of Vantaa, and then called Myöhätuuli. I asked them if the party has already begun, and I was told I can come over right now.

I took the bus 571 to Pähkinärinne (“nut hill”) and went to Myöhätuuli. There was a trio playing music, and plenty of visitors including the counsellors and most common visitors from the youth group, and also plenty of people over 40 years age.

I ran into Jasmin, with whom I used to attend Kivimäki (“stone hill”) elementary school. She has grown to be a lovely, sweet, and kind woman, she was being the caterer who gave out pastries and coffee.
I had a piece of cake which tasted sweet, and a piece of the savoury pie that was stuffed with tuna, black olives, garlic, and red and yellow bell pepper slices. I also had coffee, and Jasmin made me a mug of cocoa at my request.

I also received a Valentine’s day card, handmade by a counsellor. This was the third Valentine’s day card this year.

I went to the craft room to eat and drink, chatted and laughed with the others, wrote into the last pages of my diary, and asked this nice woman to write something on the decorated interleaves of my diary. She wrote a Valentine’s day greeting and drew some hearts.

When I walked to the bus stop, I found myself thinking of the book The Lovely Bones and the movie based on it. I thought that my own personal Heaven is all that; laughter, poetry, music, greeting cards, cakes, pies, cocoa, and being together with all kinds of happy and funny people.

I took the bus 335B or whatever it was, but it went to the opposite direction. I got off at the next stop, fortunately it took only a short while to walk to the last bus stop, and the bus 571 arrived almost immediately.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went home straight away. I took all the stuff off the floor and put it on my bed and sofa, and hoovered the visible part of the floor.
I listened to Hevisaurus, Lordi, Garbage, Hole, Chicks On Speed, and Weird Al Yankovic, and enjoyed my time being. I also started a new diary, and put some nice pictures on the wall opposite my sofa bed. Newspaper clippings, cards, posters, photos, stuff like that.

I decided to go to Helsinki. Once in the bus 411, I wondered why I was suddenly so moody; I had drunk decaffeinated coffee; I didn’t have the PMS anymore (usually a week and half before the blood flow starts, I have a terrible PMS but it stops when the aforementioned bleeding starts), and my day had been amazing so far.

I got off the bus at Runeberginkatu and went to the National Museum, I have taken up the habit of visiting the aforementioned museum on Friday afternoons when it has free admission.

Most of the museum was closed for renovation, and according to the receptionist it will be opened in December. Well, it’s worth the wait.
I checked the exhibition about Jean Sibelius, the famous Finnish composer. My grandmummy would have liked it, she is a fan of Sibelius. I also checked the exhibition about old crafts in Finland, stuff made from wood and used in farming, hunting, and herding, and old folk dresses and jewellery.

I visited a souvenir shop in the tunnel that connects Kamppi shopping center and Forum, I was pissed off that they sold the “GAME OVER” shirts with a picture of a wedded couple.
No one is forcing straight men to marry women they hate, but millions of underage girls are being forced to marry gross old dudes. And besides, there are millions of minority couples who would give anything to be permitted the right to marry the person(s) they love.

I should buy myself a green shirt with a picture of a lynx on it. The color green suits me well, because I am a dirty hippie, and the lynx is as cute as me.

I visited the eco- market Ruohonjuuri (“grass roots”) in Kamppi, and swooned at the lip balms. My favourites are coconut, orange, and vata (ayurvedic rose and cardamom) from Hurraw! and strawberry chocolate, grape soda, bubblegum, gingerbread, and cinnamon bun from Crazy Jack.
Then again, my skin may have a bad reaction with vegetable- based products, at least I had one from the lime- flavoured Hurraw! lip balm. Which is peculiar enough, because they are completely natural, vegan and organic.

I went to the Kamppi subway station to write into my diary, then I called my mother and told her I am coming over, she said it’s okay.
I took the subway to the Central Railway Station, then the P train to Myyrmäki, then the bus 565 to Raappavuori.
Both mom and dad were home. Mom gave me 100 euros, believe or not; it was the monthly allowance with 20 euros extra.

I took the bus 574 to Myyrmäki, then I went to Ärrä convenience store in Myyrmanni shopping center to recharge my travel card. I have decided to recharge two weeks period every 15th day, and then another two weeks period on every 22nd day. That way I can pay less every time and still travel as much as I want.

I also went to Citymarket to buy milk, dental flosser (a two- pronged plastic stick with dental floss between the prongs, it’s used to reach your molars), a big packet of toilet paper, and three bars of chocolate, two of them were Marabou Japp and one was a small bar of mud cake & iced coffee flavoured Fazer.

Once home, I had a taste of the Fazer chocolate. It actually tasted like coffee grounds, bleh.

I took my evening medicine, emptied my MoonCup, and went to bed with my laptop.

Tomorrow I am going to Helsinki, I am going to visit Cybershop in Forum and buy a few “horseshoe” piercing rings and matching “lockballs” because the one in my earlobes tend to fall off. Suavecita promised to put it back on, because I can’t.
I should also finish doing the housework, I want my apartment to me spick and span when Suavecita comes for a sleepover.
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