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I was so jazzy and hyper during the evening that somehow I managed to stay awake all night despite taking my evening medicine. I guess it’s because I had had such a fun and eventful day, and I knew today would be fun and eventful as well.

I actually tried to sleep, but I had such vivid dreams about going shopping, that I had to get up.

I was thinking about going to see the movie Onnelin ja Annelin talvi now that I had the money and I was awake early enough, but according to the Finnkino homepage, it isn’t shown today. I guess I’ll rent it on DVD once it’s out.

About at five o’clock in the morning, I took my morning medicine and emptied my keeper, took a shower, washed my hair and used a hair mask, gave my body a good scrubbing, washed my face and dabbed some flowery oil serum on it and used the Hello Kitty strawberry lip balm, dressed into neat clothes, brushed my teeth, and also shortened my fringe using kitchen scissors.
I felt good and also looked good, that’s why is important that I start taking better care of my hygiene. I should also go to the hairdresser someday.

I replaced the towels, mopped the visible part of the floor of my apartment, scrubbed the toilet bowl, put my bigger closet into better order, and decided that when it is an acceptable time to make noise (I live in an apartment house, so I have to be considerable of the other tenants when I make noise), I shall wash a couple of loads of laundry, hoover and mop the floor under the furniture, and take out the trash.
I also need to scrub the writing desk and kitchen counter, take the carpet out for dusting, and scrub the rest of the bathroom. Then the weekly housework will be done.

I went to visit Myyrmanni shopping center, but most of the shops were still closed. I went back home, washed the dirty dishes and also washed a load of laundry, just to kill time.

Later the morning I decided to go to Helsinki, but I knew that the shops would still be closed so I decided to kill time by taking the bus 560 to Rastila and traveling to the city center on a subway. When going to Helsinki, I enjoy taking a longer route because I love traveling and seeing all kinds of landscapes.
I almost fell asleep in the bus due to the lack of sleep, about after Mellunmäki my eyes closed all by themselves and my head started lolling.

Once in Hakaniemi, I went to Ekolo but it wouldn’t be opened for ten minutes, so I went to the nearby convenience store to have a little coffee.
After Ekolo was opened, I bought three Humble Brush toothbrushes, white, pink and yellow, and a tube of toothpaste with vitamin B12.
Then I took the subway to Kamppi, and visited Ruohonjuuri to buy a panty liner made of red cloth with a pattern of darker red starts. I also bought a Hurraw! rose- cardamom- almond flavoured lip balm.

I went to the Central Railway Station and visited Cybershop to buy a piercing ring for my ear. I have three holes in each of my earlobes, and I wear piercing rings in two holes of each of my ear. I misplaced one ring a while ago, fortunately my friend Suavecita has such nimble fingers that she can easily put them on.

I took the bus 421 to Raappavuori and went to visit my parents’ home. I drank the rest of their orange juice and ate all of their cashew nuts, watched some videotapes and now that I think about it, I forgot my purse there (I keep my money, both notes and coins, in a small cloth purse) and I also forgot the piercing ring there, it’s inside my purse.

I took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki and went home. Later the day Suavecita came over, she brought lots of treats; chocolate, cinnamon buns, vinegar- flavoured crisps, carrot juice, tangerines, and assorted candies.

We were going to have a sleepover after she returns from a Kustom Kulture- happening where she is going with her cousin.

She left soon, I spent some of the afternoon surfing on the Internet and in the evening I went to visit my parents’ home to pick up the purse I forgot there.

Once back home, I ate more treats and they made me feel a bit sick in my stomach, I had to take many loose poops and my butthole felt dirty. I took a shower and scrubbed my body, put on a clean nightie, and went to bed. I felt that one of my blessings is that I get to sleep in a cosy and warm bed with a teddy bear.

Later the night Suavecita came home, she called me and asked me to come open the front door. I felt very weird due to the sleepless night, the pattern on my crocheted bedcover hurt my eyes and I had a wibbly- wobbly feeling about time, as if I had slept for three months.
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